Farewell to a dog who was more human than humans

Bhairo mourns for humans, they made him immortal

Cuttack: Believe it or not, a dog in Jaunliapatty in Cuttack was given a grand farewell by local residents when it died on Monday. It was taken on a ceremonial procession to the burial ground, usually done for humans.

As per locals, the dog had attended more funerals than an average man and so the locals wanted to pay it a fitting tribute.

Known lovingly as Bhola, Tommy or Bhairo, it was not just a mere stray dog for the Jaunliapatty residents but rather was like any other family member. The amazing dog was quite popular for its unique habit of accompanying people to the cremation ground for funerals of their loved ones in the city.

Locals claimed that ‘Bhairo’ had attended more than 300 funerals since 2006, an unusual deed that they have come across in any animal so far.

As a mark of respect, the residents performed all the last rites of the amazing dog as per tradition. Bhairo’s funeral was attended by a large number of people not only from Jaunliapatty but also nearby localities today. The dog was garlanded and its procession for last rites was carried out to the rhythm of drums as a mark of respect.

“Bhairo has earned a special place in the hearts of people of city as he used to accompany people to cremation grounds along with other family members. We are deeply shocked by his death,” said Prakash Agarwal, a local resident.

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Prakash further informed that it was Raju Goenka of the locality who first spotted the dog attending a funeral at Khannagar crematorium and returning along with the residents.

“I had gone to attend the funeral of one of my friend’s mother when I saw the dog near the crematorium, taking bath in the river and returning to the locality along with all others,” said Goenka.

Goenka further informed that since 2006, Bhairo used to accompany any funeral procession from Buxi Bazar, Choudhary Bazar and nearby areas that used to pass through Jaunliapatty.

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Like any other human being, Bhairo used to be upset after attending any funeral and there were days when he also used to skip his meals.

“It was for the last two to three months that Bhairo was keeping unwell. Finally, he died this morning. We have now decided to conduct all his last rites that are conducted in case of death of any human,” said Gopi Agarwal, another local resident.