Himansu Shekhar Rout

Police have blown the lid off the mystery surrounding the recovery of three bullet-ridden bodies from inside a car at Lakhanpur in Jharsuguda on Thursday. Police investigation revealed that the tragic incident was a case of murder and suicide linked to loans and online gambling. 

Addressing a press meet, Jharsuguda SP Parmar Smit Parshottamdas said that the incident is the outcome of debt burden resulting from online gaming. The deceased have been identified as Sujit Ray, his wife Khusbu Ray and daughter Arpita Ray of Kalinagar under Orient Police limits. Their bullet-ridden bodies were found inside a car on Thursday morning.

The SP said, “His phone records show that Sujit had taken loans from locals and was engaged in online gambling activities.”

He added, “He was under stress due to debt burden. The bodies of his wife and daughter were blindfolded when they were recovered. Our investigation found that after losing money, Sujit took this extreme step. After shooting his wife and daughter dead, Sujit shot himself.”

As for the incident, Himanshu Lal, IG (Nothern Range) said, "I want to advise people not to put their hard-earned money into betting. If you do like this, the entire family will collapse.”