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After tearing into the ruling BJD by alleging corruption in district mineral fund and other irregularities in Angul, Prime Minister Narendra Modi fired a salvo by asking whether the keys of Puri Srimandir Ratna Bhandar have been sent to Tami Nadu? While addressing a massive public meeting in Cuttack, PM Modi said the ruling BJD has only given land, sand and mining mafias while doing nothing for the people of the state and its pride in the last 25 years.

‘Odisha’s Next 25 Years Crucial For Development’

While addressing the public meeting, PM Modi said that Cuttack is one of the oldest cities in the country and its rich history and culture have been the source of inspiration for scores of eminent personalities including Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose and others.

"Cuttack is the city of modern education. Can a person who doesn’t have knowledge of its culture care for its soil, run and take the leadership in Odisha? You have given BJD 24-25 years and saw the results. Now the next 25 years will be important for Odisha’s development. Odisha doesn’t need a slow-paced development, rather it needs to vote for BJP’s fast-paced double-engine government,” said PM Modi.

PM Rubbishes Media Speculation of Hung Assembly in Odisha

Media has started spreading rumours about hung Assembly in Odisha. I want to make it clear, there will be a majority government of BJP. It is only the BJP that can take up development works in the next 25 years, PM Modi said.

'Odisha People Fed Up With BJD’s Corruption Racket'

The people of Odisha are now fed up with the corruption racket of the BJD here. The ruling government has cheated people through chit fund scam. What the BJD has given to Odisha? PM Modi questioned.

“The BJD has given land, sand, coal and mining mafias. The BJD’s MLAs and Ministers are working in this round-the-clock. Can infrastructural development, investment or jobs be created under such circumstances,” questioned PM Modi in his address.

'BJD’s Misdeeds Are Now Before Public'

The Modi government has sent record money from Delhi for the development of Odisha. The state used to get around Rs 5000 crore under the old mining policy of the Congress government. But now the state is getting Rs 50,000 crore, Rs 26000 crore under the district mineral fund under the Modi government. But in Odisha, the corrupt BJD government is misutilising the money, he alleged.

LIVE | Odisha Elections 2024 Phase 2 Voting

“I have travelled to several parts of Odisha. There is a dearth of roads, schools, hospitals and other facilities. The money went to whose pockets in Odisha? In Cuttack, there is problem of acute waterlogging conditions every year. Till cut money is paid to BJD leaders, major projects are being hung. The BJD leaders are giving contracts to their own men and looting people here. Does this type of loot end? It is the people’s vote which can stop such corruption. It is your vote that can change the fortunes of Odisha," the PM added.

Youths Suffering Due To BJD's Corruption; Mafia Raj To End: PM Modi

"It is the youths who are facing problems due to the corruption by the BJD government. The youths are forced to move out as the BJD government failed to set up investment atmosphere. There is a mafia here who has captured every sector. As a result, there is no competition here. Once the BJP government comes to power, we will break the backbone of this mafia in Odisha," he said.

In the last 10 years, BJP government has given top educational institutes and set targets for other sectors which will bring new job employment including in Cuttack, said PM Narendra Modi in Cuttack.

While addressing people in Cuttack, the Prime Minister said that there used to be a lot of industries here but due to lack of initiatives, youths here are now bearing the brunt. "We want investments, revival of old industries and new projects. I assure you that it is only BJP who can do this and fulfill the aspirations of the people of Odisha," said PM Modi.

“I have experience of running a state for long. I will be the Prime Minister in Delhi. But I will ensure that the one who will be the CM of BJP here will never face any problem. The BJD government doesn’t care for the people of Cuttack. Despite surrounded by rivers, people face problems of drinking water. In Odisha, 30 lakh new houses have been constructed. However, the BJD government is depriving the people of the benefits of central schemes. Only your enemy can do this. Ensure double engine government in Odisha, the electricity bill will be Zero and you will also generate money by selling electricity,” said PM Modi.

Vikas and Virasat BJP’s Agenda; Ratna Bhandra Keys Went To Tamil Nadu?

"During the G20 Summit, we highlighted the Konark Wheel before the world. But the BJD doesn’t care about Odisha’s rich cultural heritage," alleged PM Modi.

“There is massive resentment in Odisha over whatever happened to Ratna Bhandar. People are saying that the keys of Ratna Bhandar have reached Tamil Nadu. Who has sent it to Tamil Nadu? Will you forgive such people? The way the keys went missing and the inquiry report suppressed is very serious,” said PM Modi assuring that the truth of missing keys and inquiry report will be come out and the guilty will not be spared.

This Election is For Odisha’s Development And Saving Odia Pride: PM Modi

Stating that this election is for Odisha’s development and saving Odia pride, Prime Minister Narendra Modi appealed to people to vote for the BJP Lok Sabha and Assembly candidates.

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