Soumya Prakash Pradhan

Artificial intelligence (AI) has made incredible strides in recent years, catching the attention of both enthusiasts and tech aficionados.

In this AI race, many experts are stepping up to create something unique in this field, and among them is the godfather of AI, Geoffrey Hinton.

Hinton, an AI scientist who won the 'Nobel Prize in computing' for his groundbreaking work on neural networks, is now speaking freely about the risks of AI. Last May, he issued a warning about the dangers of AI, and since then, he has left Google.

In a recent interview with the BBC, Hinton stated that while AI could increase productivity and wealth, the benefits might primarily go to the wealthy, leaving those who lose their jobs in a precarious position.

He emphasised the need for the government to implement a universal basic income, ensuring that everyone receives a set salary regardless of their financial status.

"I advised them that universal basic income was a good idea," said Hinton, who left Google to discuss the dangers of unregulated AI more openly, expressing concerns about extinction-level threats.

Hinton has previously expressed worries about the potential dangers posed by AI chatbots, suggesting that they could surpass human intelligence and be manipulated by “malicious actors.” 

"I estimate that within the next five to 20 years, there is a 50% chance we'll have to deal with the problem of AI attempting to take over," he remarked, highlighting the potential for an "extinction-level threat" if AI surpasses human intelligence.
"What worries me most is when these systems can autonomously decide to harm people," he added.

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