Preparations in full swing for Nuakhai

Sambalpur: With ‘Nuakhai’ is few days away, preparations are in full swing to celebrate the western Odisha’s agrarian festival.

As traditional items are needed for celebrations during Nuakhai, a special market known as Tihari is held in Balangir. Ranging from earthen pots, oil lamps to bamboo made items are available in Tihari.

During the festival, first grain of the harvest is offered to the presiding deities. Buyers are thronging the Tihari to purchase Saria variety of paddy.

Artisans including weavers, blacksmiths, bamboo basket makers and carpenters are busy working overtime to earn some quick bucks.

Notably, the ‘lagna’ or auspicious moment for ‘Navanna bhogalagi’ or offering to Maa Samaleswari in Sambalpur during the mass festival has been decided in between 8.20 am and 8.35 am on September 18 this year.