Women torch liquor shop, ransack local bars

Bolangir: Tension ran high in the town after a group of women ransacked a liquor shop and torched bars protesting the illegal liquor sale near the railway station here on Monday.

According to reports, the women, armed with lathis and brooms, broke into the liquor shop today morning and destroyed all the bottles and torched the shop.

The agitation did not stop here as the mob ransacked two other bars breaking the grills and furniture, while the police remained a mute spectator all through the incident. The women also ransacked a country liquor shop nearby and destroyed all the pouches kept inside the shop.

Distressed over the sale of liquor in the locality, the agitation of the women had been growing since last two months.

Sources said the women took this severe step after they found that the liquor trade continued to operate in the area and alleged even after repeated complaints the administration and the excise personnel failed to close or shift the liquor shop and bars.