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  • In his career of more than a decade, Rajkummar Rao has established himself as a highly versatile actor.
  • Apart from serious movies he has also worked in some horror films.

Rajkummar Rao is receiving huge appreciation for his performance in the title role of the movie Srikanth which is based on the life of Srikanth Bolla, a visually-impaired industrialist and the founder of Bollant Industries. Critics and fans have already called it an award-winning performance, and it is expected that the Kai Po Che actor may win some major awards this year.

In his career of more than a decade, Rajkummar Rao has established himself as a highly versatile actor in Bollywood. He has portrayed different characters and has been a part of all types of movies including comedy, horror, and drama. One of his biggest hits is the horror-comedy flick Stree which featured Shraddha Kapoor as the female lead.

When recently he appeared on the podcast of Beer Biceps, he was asked whether any scary incidents happened when he was shooting for Stree or any other horror movie. Ranveer, the host of the podcast said that it is an urban legend that if a horror movie is in the making then some scary incidents do occur even on the sets and whether any such incident occurred when Rao was shooting for Stree.

Replying to this question, the actor said, "Stree mein hua tha. Hum log Bhopal mein shoot kar rahe the aur hume ek circular aya tha Bhopal mein. Ki yeh yeh chize nahi karni hai. Ki aapko perfume nahi lagana hai. Ladkiyon ko baal khule nahi rakhne hai. Aap log loban jo jalate hain dhuwen ke liye har film mein hume loban use nahi karna hai aur please group mein jana hai akele kahin nahi jana hai. Toh humne kaha okay aur humne loban nahi lagaya uss din."

Rao added, "We respected them because they are local aur hum loban use nahi kar rahe the. Toh around 2.30 baje ke aas paas. Night shoot tha. Toh 2.30 baje ke aas paas hamare DOP ko laga hoga ki yaar maza nahi aa raha. Loban toh chahiye. Toh unhone loban chalwa diya. I still remember ki hamara ek lightman jo ek 15 feet ki wall thi, fort tha purana koi uske upar baitha tha. Par akela. "

Then Rajkummar Rao revealed the horrifying experience that Lightman had. He said, "Hota hain na ki raat ke 2.30 baje aur aap akele baithe ho aur aap thoda need mein bhi ho aur scene chal raha hai. Thum karke woh gira niche aur the first thing he started screaming like woh jab gira to muzhe kisine dhakka diya hai peeche se. Of course, sab thoda sahem gaye the and kahne lage sabse pehle ki loban band karo. Loban nahi chalana hai."

Then the entire team prayed that they were sorry if they had disturbed someone and that they never intended to do so. Luckily the Lightman recovered after he was taken to the hospital.