Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Lions are often referred to as the King of the Forest. These big cats are powerful, fierce, violent and apex predators. No predators on earth have a more brutal and violent lifestyle than lions. It is rare to witness any instance when prey escapes from the deadly jaws of the big cats. On the other hand, hyenas are fierce, social and incredibly smart. While many think of hyenas as devious scavengers, these resourceful hunters live together in complex clans. 

Lions and hyenas are often seen as arch-enemies competing for the same prey and territory. A cackle of hyenas, with their superior numbers, can challenge lions, especially when male lions are absent. While it is quite common to come across incidents when hyenas steal kills of lions and vice-versa, it is rare to see them battling with each other.

Recently, a video surfaced on the internet that shows a cackle of hyenas attacking a helpless lioness. However, a male lion comes to the rescue of the lioness and avenges the attack. 

In the video, the adult lioness can be seen sitting on a road while the cackle of hyenas bites the big cat from all directions. The helpless lioness seems to be old and injured for which it is not able to defend the attack or escape from the spot. A few moments later, the lioness walks into the trees slowly. However, the hyenas follow it while continuously biting it.

The next clip shows the hyenas gathered. However, they suddenly get dispersed and a male lion attacks the cackle of hyenas.

The lion targets one of the hyenas and attacks it. The big cat holds the hyena in its powerful jaws. Meanwhile, other hyenas step in to help their friend. As they attack the lion, the hyena stuck in the powerful jaws of the big cat manages to escape.

However, the video has interestingly engaged social media users. The video shared on X by Visual feast has gone viral. The clip has garnered over 24 million views with over 199K likes. Even the comments section is flooded with comments from the users.

One user wrote, "Oh my God, that charge was incredible!" (sic)

Another wrote, "That's the way to deal with bullies at school !" (sic)

"The lioness was lucky to have her friend come to her rescue from the hyenas," a third user wrote. (sic)

While the authenticity and origin of the video couldn't be verified, users have extremely loved the incident from the wild.

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