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The pain of getting fired from a job is an experience that strikes a deep chord with those who are most in need. Losing a job isn't just a professional setback; it is a personal crisis that threatens their basic survival. The anxiety of how to pay rent, buy groceries, and support their families becomes an immediate and overwhelming burden. The stress and uncertainty can lead to a sense of hopelessness, compounded by the fear of an uncertain future. An individual may get into depression after losing his/her job. A person will likely get shocked after getting fired, but it is rare to find people who still have a smile on their faces after hearing the news.

Recently, a video surfaced on the internet that shows a young salesgirl getting fired from her job on the spot by the manager. Her innocence has made netizens emotional.

The video shows the salesgirl with her store manager. While the girl is busy with her work, the manager breaks the news to her. 

The manager says, "I saw what you did, how's it going!"

The girl confusingly reacts, "Oh!"

The manager stretches out his hand and says, "You're fired."

The girl couldn't believe  what she just heard and kept on smiling and said, "I'm fired!"

"Yes, you're fired. So, let's keep the vest," says the manager. 

Throughout the conversation, the girl seems to be confused and senses something fishy.

However, the manager says, "You're done."

Slowly, the girl seems to be getting emotional. While controlling her emotions, she says, "Can I ask..."

Instantly, the manager says, "It is very against the company policy. We've been watching over these cameras. And, what you have been doing is not up to par, not at the standards with company policy. We gotta let you go. We have somebody out there who has been training for the last couple of days. Take your spot about five minutes. Okay!"

The girl with her innocence listens to the manager calmly. 

Then she asks, "What I  did do?"

"Don't worry about what you did. I saw what you did. You're fired," replied the manager.

Still hard to believe, the girl again asks, "Okay, just I want to know like I want to improve myself."

However, the rude manager says, "Well, you're fired, so you can't improve. So, let me..."

The girl stops the manager and says, "Like in another job."

The manager starts pointing out her mistakes, "Work ethic, lack of actual work, you're on your phone sometimes, can't be having that. And, you are not helping the customer at hand. So, not to mention you took an extra long break the other day. So, I need the vest."

Though the girl gets emotional, she continues with a smile on her face and says, "Do you need my bag?"

The manager asks her to give everything.

Well, the girl is finally convinced that she lost her job. Though she tries to hide her emotions, it is quite evident from her expressions.

However, the authenticity of the video couldn't be verified. While the user (Panda Heart) who shared it on X (formerly Twitter) claims it to be a prank video, certain other users claim it is real.

Whatever it may be, the video of the salesgirl 'losing her job' on the spot has made netizens emotional. Undoubtedly, her innocence will fill anyone's eyes with tears.

One user commented, "I cried watching this. That's a strong girl..Her parents could be proud!" (sic)

"Not funny.. don't do this to an innocent soul," wrote another. (sic)

A third user commented, "Hurts me." (sic)

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