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The Siberian tigers are one of the largest and most powerful wild cats. Also known as the Amur tiger, these big cats are native to the forests of eastern Russia. These tigers are distinguished by their thick, pale golden fur with brown or black stripes, which provides excellent camouflage in the snowy environments they inhabit.

Undeniably, tigers are formidable predators by nature. Their hunting prowess, physical strength, agility and sharp claws and teeth make them apex predators. A close encounter with these fierce animals would definitely raise the heartbeat. How would you react if three huge Siberian Tigers halted your SUV and leapt inside your vehicle for a ride?

Recently, a video surfaced on the internet that shows two adult Siberian Tigers enjoying a ride inside an SUV. 

The video shows the SUV in the middle of a snow-covered road. Suddenly, one of the tigers jumps inside the vehicle through the window. Though the person driving the vehicle is in his seat, he is not scared at all. The person recording the video on mobile and the driver can be heard laughing. 

Meanwhile, the tiger moves to the back seat of the SUV. Suddenly, another big cat approaches the vehicle from the other side making a swift move. The second tiger also enters the vehicle through the open door. Next enters a third big cat. After all the tigers boarded the vehicle, the door is closed and the vehicle starts moving. The Siberian tiger trio enjoy their ride in the SUV.

The video shared on social media by mihail_tiger has gone viral. Shared on X by Nature is Amazing, the video has amassed over 5.3 million views and 75K likes. Apart from getting massively shared by netizens, the comments section is flooded with various statements of users expressing their surprise.

One user wrote, "Could you imagine driving down the street and seeing these big cats head sticking out the window like dogs do." (sic)

Another wrote, "That's insane. I would love to have a big cat, but I'd be afraid, even my small cat has done serious damage to me without even meaning to!" (sic)

"Definitely would have got attacked from freaking out and them feeling my soul tremble," wrote a third user. (sic)

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