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The hippopotamus, often referred to as a hippo, is a large, mostly herbivorous mammal. It is one of the largest land animals, with only elephants and certain rhinos being larger. Hippos can be extremely dangerous and violent. Despite their seemingly placid demeanour when observed from a distance, hippos are highly aggressive, especially when they feel threatened or are protecting their territory. Their unpredictability and the potential for aggressive behaviour make them one of the most dangerous animals.

Here we bring a video compilation that shows hippopotamuses 'battling' with various other animals including a lion, rhinoceros and lion, rhinoceros and elephant..

The first clip shows a large hippo fighting with a lion. While the lion is comparatively smaller in size, it is agile, strong and ferocious. However, the apex predator fails to combat the hippo. The hippo surprisingly widens its powerful and big jaws and takes in the lion's head. While holding the big cat's head in its mouth, the hippo tosses it off on the ground.

The next clip shows a hippo with a baby hippo in its mouth. 

The third clip shows two hippos with a deer. The hippo fiercely picks the deer with its jaws and continues to toss the poor creature on the ground.

The next clip shows hippos confronting a fox, rhinoceros, elephant and even their own types. In each of the clips, the hippos with their strong and wide jaws prove to be stronger. They easily scare away their opponents including the majestic elephant.

While the origin of the video couldn't be verified, it is shared on Instagram by jadaunmanojsingh_official. Netizens are quite fascinated to see the combats in the wild, which is evident from the escalating views, growing number of likes and the flooding comments.

One user wrote, "You don't mess with them ...they are pure muscles." (sic)

"Jaws of death. The most dangerous animals in the world," wrote a second user. (sic)

A third user wrote, "I'm sorry, bull hippos are a force of nature! Swarzenneger"YOU VILL LOSE!!!!" (sic)

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