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Be it India or America or London, the traffic woes appear to be universal. Like Bengaluru in India, the New York City in US is known for its car-jammed streets and grappling traffic. Daily commuters have no choice but to get stuck in the traffic for hours together.

However, this woman from New York opted for an unconventional solution and internet cannot stop praising her. Going by the heavy prices, the woman decided to take a helicopter instead of a cab and get stuck in the traffic.

Khushi Suri, an Indian-American woman, had to pay an extra $30 (Rs 2500) for a helicopter ride and it was worth every penny. She revealed how it saved her a lot of time during her journey from Manhattan to Queens, the route known for its notorious traffic.

Sharing her story on X, Khushi shared her experience and also explained the price difference between an Uber car and a helicopter. While an Uber cab ride would cost her a whopping Rs $131.99 (Rs 11,000) an hour from Manhattan to John F. Kennedy International Airport in Queens, the helicopter ride was only Rs 2500 extra ($165 i.e. Rs 13,765).

The interesting thing is that it would only take 5 minutes in the helicopter while she would have to get stuck for hours in the traffic if she takes a cab. “60 minute uber or 5 min helicopter ride – literally a $30 difference,” she shared on X.

Her story instantly went viral, garnering lot of reactions on social media. People were shocked to know the minor difference in the fare and the quick time travel.

“My biggest regret is not doing this when i had the chance a couple years back,” commented a user.

Another user shared, “The Air Train and A Express train into the city is $8.75. Also Yellow Taxis at JFK Airport charge a flat fare of $70 for trips between the airport and Manhattan.”

“If the wings are traveling faster than the fuselage, it’s probably a helicopter - and therefore unsafe,” commented a third user.

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