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The first sight of any snake is enough to stream fear, be it venomous or non-venomous. How would you react after encountering a huge King Cobra in front of you? Well, would you prefer to keep a King Cobra or any such 'dangerous creature' as your pet? Well, many people worldwide develop such weird habits of petting dangerous creatures. They share the videos on social media capturing some lovely moments with their pets that leave netizens shocked.

Recently, a video surfaced on the internet that shows a man giving a cool bath to his 'pet' King Cobra after a shampoo scrub.

The man is seen gently applying shampoo on the huge King Cobra and giving a scrub. Well, water can be seen flowing from a pipe while the man continues to scrub the reptile gently. Suddenly, the huge cobra crawls on the man's neck. However, the man gently pulls it back and continues to scrub.

This is not the first video of the man and King Cobra that has gone viral on social media. Earlier, another video stormed the internet in which the snake is seen enjoying a cool bath after a shampoo scrub. In both videos, the huge King Cobra seems to be the least bothered. 

While the origin of the video couldn't be verified, it was shared on Instagram by saleesh_thrissur. The video has amassed over 962K likes and shared over a million times. Even the comments section is flooded with funny reactions from netizens. Most users compared the King Cobra with their exes. 

One user wrote, "Used a 'Head, No Shoulders' shampoo on him" (sic)

Another wrote, "Me giving bath to my ex." (sic)

"Bhai, tu mere ex ko aache se treat kyu kar raha hai pyaar mein fasa rahi hai bas or kuch nai," wrote a third user. 

A fourth user wrote, "Arey yeh sabke ex ko kyu naharaheho." (sic)

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