Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Stray dogs attacking in different localities has emerged as a major concern these days. It is quite a daily affair to see a stray dog or a pack of canines chasing commuters on the road while walking or in a vehicle. While sometimes the commuters sustain grievous injuries during such sudden attacks, other times the commuters avenge the attacks by killing or injuring the dogs. However, recently a video surfaced on the internet, that shows a smart trick adopted by some youths to avert the sudden attack of stray dogs.

The video shows some street dogs barking to the commuters. The video is captured by a boy while he is passing by the dogs. As soon as he approaches the dogs, they get alert. As it seems, the pack of dogs took their positions to start chasing the commuters. However, the youth and his friend start shouting "Local Hain Bhai...Local...Yahin ke hain...Local local."

Well, surprisingly the dogs didn't chase them and ceased their attack. The stray dogs also stopped barking and the youth with his friend easily went past them on a two-wheeler.

Well, the stray dogs ceased their attack after the youths identified themselves as 'locals', which is certainly surprising.

While the origin of the video couldn't be verified, it is shared on Instagram by uk_08_click. By now, the video has garnered over 8.5 million likes and shared by over 12 million users. The video has gone viral being viewed over 130 million times and the comments section is also flooded with hilarious comments.

One user wrote, "Dekho janwar kitna samajhdar hai." (sic)

Another wrote, "Dogs be like: Aanedo anedo,  apne hi bande log hain." (sic)

"Doggy: Local hai, isi liye jane diya. Bahar ka hota toh hospital mein hota," wrote a third user. (sic)

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