PCI chief suggests social media should be brought under its purview

Bhubaneswar: Press Council of India (PCI) Chairman Justice CK Prasad visited Odisha to attend an editors’ meet here in city on Sunday.

Speaking to media persons after the meeting Justice Prasad suggested bringing social media under the purview of PCI. “To call social media as a type of media would be inappropriate since it is lot opinionated,” he said.

“There is only one problem in social media. People can say anything about anybody. Everyone has their right to express themselves. We are not trying to curtail the freedom of people but there should be responsibility. So our recommendation would be bring it under the purview of PCI,” he added.

Noting on the gross indifference meted out to local issues by national level media he said it is very saddening to note if national media do not focus on farmers, workers problems in North-East, Odisha but rather they telecast a random altercation going on between a woman and her in-laws somewhere in Noida which is actually unnecessary.

When asked about what difference did he feel between regional and national level media, Prasad said local news is well taken by regional media channels since they have better reach but national level media fare better in terms of amount of information.