2 friends of Rishi claim sex scandal video has links with their buddy’s death

Bhubaneswar: The Rishi death case today took a new twist when two friends of the deceased revealed there are links between the loss of life of their buddy and the viral sex scandal video which has put the political circle in the State on boil in recent past.

One of the friends of Rishi covering his face and shoulders told OTV if police security is ensured to them they are ready to tell the investigating team everything. “If a thorough probe is launched the mystery behind the Rishi death could be ascertained and people involved could be known,” he said with disclosing his name.

He added the police know everything as influential people are involved in the Sex Scandal Video case.

He further stated, “Many people know about the sex scandal video which matches with the footage should by Rishi to me.”

He added, “Rishi told me twice if the secret stored in the mobile phone gets out there will be a threat to his life. As far as I know the death was due to the CD.

Narrating the meeting between Rishi and his girlfriend where he had gone along with Rishi, the friend of the deceased said, “We had gone to Shastri Nagar in a scooty where Rishi had come in his bike. He (Rishi) then called up his girl friend who reached the meeting spot and handed over the a mobile phone,” adding he doesn’t have idea what happened after that.

Hinting that his life will be stake if the content of the video goes out, the friend of Rishi said, “He showed us the video footage which matches with the viral video.”

The friend emphatically said, “He (Rishi) is not a drug addict and the reason behind his murder could not be drugs.”