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Dongria Kondh in Niyamgiri
Niyamgiri – A Serendipity

Niyamgiri is the abode of the Dongria Kondh tribe, an endemic and unique tribal group whose population is less than 10,000.

The Incredible Wildlife Of Odisha
The Incredible Wildlife Of Odisha

Odisha’s incredible wildlife wealth needs to be preserved for the future so that our children become true inheritors of this state’s natural heritage.

Odisha Has Too Many Small Villages
Too Many Small Villages In Odisha Roadblock To Development

Odisha needs to embark upon a programme of consolidation of villages with the objective of relocating tiny villages and creating viable villages, each having a population of at least 500.

Rising crime against women in Odisha
The Curious Case Of ‘Women-Friendly’ Odisha With Its ‘Crime-Friendly’ Police!

A report released by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) last month, reveals that in Odisha crimes against women in 2020 rose nearly 10% over the previous year, one of the biggest spurts in the whole country.

Proposed World-Class Railway Station Of Bhubaneswar
World-Class Railway Station Of Bhubaneswar Remains A Pipe Dream – What We Have Is Squalor & Indecision In Plenty

It remains a mystery that the New Bhubaneswar Railway Station has not yet been put to meaningful use. A full-fledged satellite station for Bhubaneswar is absolutely necessary. The city has expanded towards the north and the New Station should have better access and amenities without further delay. 

The mystical Mahasiddhas of Buddhism and their Odisha connection
The Mystical Mahasiddhas Of Buddhism And Their Odisha Connection

Many of the Mahasiddhas such as Kanhupa, Luipa, Sabaripa, Bhusukupa, Birupa composed Charyapadas in Lalitagiri Mahavihara, Jajpur. One of the fascinating aspects is the mystic language that Buddhist teachers employed. An inscription collected from Ratnagiri has lines of Buddhist hymns that go - “Dhara dhara. Hara hara. Prahara hara. Mahabodhi chitta dhare. Chulu Chulu…”

DA Hike in Odisha
Dearness Allowance For Odisha Government Employees Is No Festival Gift

Gift is a device to create an unethical bonding; it creates an obliging clientele. Therefore, terming the payment of Dearness Allowance (DA) by Odisha government as puja gift is likely to dent objectivity of the government employees.

Election Rallies Allowed During Covid But Hindu Festivals Not Allowed
The Only Indian Festival For Covid Times - Elections

Away from the election, the rules for the common person awaiting the festivities are quite different. There have been several restrictions in Odisha ranging from the absurd to the downright bizarre.

Odisha Candidates In UPSC Civil Services IAS IPS IFS Exam
Why Odisha Candidates Struggle To Qualify For Civil Services?

Job and business opportunities continue to be extremely limited in Odisha. A career in UPSC civil services is held in admiration in the state. The real reason behind youths increasingly getting disinterested in IAS, IPS or IFS exams seems to be the growing inadequacy in academic field that has made it increasingly difficult for Odisha candidates to compete.

Drug trafficking menace in Odisha
Drug Menace: Odisha In Midst Of A Silent Storm

In view of the serious dimension the drug menace has assumed in Odisha, there has to be adequate strategy to control the problem. Government needs to address urgently issues like adequate staffing, training, adequate equipment and inter-agency coordination challenges.

Arindam Das
Because, Warriors Don’t Die: A Tribute To Our Arindam Bhai

I was in school when I used to see him chasing the cyclones, my generation was never glued to the MET department or Radio updates but we would wait to watch Arindam Bhai, Swayam Bhai and Kasturi Ma’am wearing a raincoat or holding an umbrella with a boom. An indicator of the coming disaster.

Arindam Das
Adieu Arindam! Odisha Will Miss You !!

In my three and a half decades in journalism, I cannot remember one occasion when the death of a reporter of a TV channel has become the subject of wall-to-wall coverage, to the exclusion of all other news of the day, for ALL news channels for several hours together.

Bhubaneswar Drain Mishap
Life Is Cheap In India, Cheaper In Odisha

A ‘magnanimous’ state government has sought to silence the disquiet over the unfortunate death of Jyoti Prakash Behera, a Class X student who fell into an open drain and was swept away to death on Sunday, with a ‘generous’ ex-gratia of 4 lakh rupees. 

Debt Burden Rising in Odisha
Rising Debt Burden Of Odisha - Avoiding Prodigal Spending Is Way Out

There are not enough teachers, medical staff and not even enough policemen. Crime against women and children are numerous and the track-record of Odisha is a matter of grave concern and shame. The Annual Establishment Review of the state government for 2019-20 revealed that about 2 lakh (1,99,957) government posts remained vacant.

School transformation project of Odisha government
Transforming Schools: Odisha Can Succeed Only Through Quality Teaching By Qualified Teachers

Odisha plans to transform in the first phase 1,070 schools with modern facilities and Government feels that the move would lay the foundation for a progressive Odisha. Chief Minister said the decision to transform the schools will bring new opportunities for children of the state and will help them fulfil their dreams.