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A Tale of Two Foreign Visits by Odisha CM Naveen Patnaik
A Tale of Two Foreign Visits

As Naveen Patnaik readies for his second visit to foreign land, possibility of a ‘revolt’ looks as remote as the sun rising in the west!

Mindless menace of violence in Kashmir has to end
Mindless menace of violence in Kashmir has to end

The mindless menace of violence in Kashmir has to end. We cannot afford another exodus. Steps must be taken to ensure that those thrown away from their ancestral house under death threats return safely.

Absenteeism Row: Odisha’s school education at crossroads
Absenteeism Row: Odisha’s school education at crossroads

Odisha’s school education sector is passing through a critical phase that warrants much more than a routine redressal approach. 

Odisha CHSE Plus-2 exams postponed for Brajarajnagar bypoll
Why postpone exams? It's just a bypoll, after all!

The decision to postpone CHSE Plus-2 examinations scheduled on May 31 marks the height of callousness. After all, it's just a by-election!

Chandan Yatra: The divine procession and holy boat ride
Chandan Yatra: The Divine Summer Voyages!

This year, Chandan Yatra is being publicly celebrated after two years of tight Covid restrictions. The divine boat rides are happening every evening, and will continue till 24th May.

'Wedding Parties Not Fun Anymore'- Twin City And The Marriage Spectacles
'Wedding parties not fun anymore'- Twin city and the marriage spectacles

Compared to the simple and delightful ways in which marriages were celebrated two decades ago, they have now turned into ostentatious events, where people compete with each other in a shameful and rather obscene display of wealth and pomp.

Puri Jagannath Temple Parikrama Prakalp
Odisha Govt’s Iconoclastic Posture Hurts Millions In Love With Puri Srimandir

The latest development over Srimandir Parikrama Project has hurt sentiments of millions of devotees of Mahaprabhu Jagannath while serious concerns prevail over the government's obsession which some feel is iconoclastic.

Dinesh Karthik
IPL 2022: Creative Karthik Commands A National Call-Up

Whatever the combination the team management wants to go with, if they need a seasoned finisher, there is only one name that fits the bill - Dinesh Karthik.

Puri Srimandir Parikrama Project
Puri Srimandir Parikrama Project Leaves Many Questions Unanswered

Among all the controversies and all the doubts, the Jagannath temple heritage corridor project in Puri seems most confusing to the common man.

National Language War
National Language War: Time For A Rethink On Language-Integrated India

The proposal for Hindi to be one of the measures for national integration is flawed because it seeks to fight a non-existent problem and also undermines the very idea of India.

Odisha Vigilance Raid
Small babus with deep pockets: The growing menace of corruption in Odisha

When the corrupt subordinate is caught, the superior hardly ever gets the blame whereas he too needs to be hauled up for dereliction of duty. If that was done, there would be better performance, less corruption and better utilization of government resources.

Bollywood Vs Tollywood
Is Bollywood in decline?

The audience is opening up to new languages, experiences and earlier unfamiliar actors. The reason for this is that the focus has shifted away from familiar faces and cultural lingo to content.  

The Invisible Tigers Of Odisha!

Can we get back our tigers? It is very unlikely since the big cat population has plunged below the viability level.

Samantha and the fashion trends in India
Are We What We Wear?

The way we dress helps us to express who we are and project an image to world; but it leads us to that eternal question - Do clothes make the man or woman?

Gopinath Mohanty's Harijan
Class, Caste And Gopinath Mohanty

Published over 70 years ago, 'Harijan' remains as relevant to our contemporary society today as it was in 1948. Gopinath Mohanty’s novel is not merely a protest against injustice, it is the expression of the silent rage of the oppressed.