Odia cine stars enjoy ‘Jaga Hatare Pagha’

Bhubaneswar: Many Ollywood stars enjoyed the Sunday evening at Swati cinema hall here by watching Tarang’s third blockbuster ‘Jaga Hatare Pagha’.

Vetran actors like Mahasweata, Ajit Das, Akash Das, Budhaditya,Babi Mishra, Koel Banarji and directors Raju Mishra, Gadhadhar Putty enjoyed the movie among the house-full audience.


“It is a complete family entertainer. Giving some time from my busy schedule, I enjoyed the evening much with the family picture”, actor Akash Das Nayak said.

Mahasweta Roy, who is also a part of this movie, said. “I am happy that the flick has already been accepted by the viewers. It is attracting the audience more and more by the day. Everybody is saying that it is a complete family film”.

In an intention to apprise the celebrities about the quality the flick, Tarang cine production arranged such a programme.

The audience also got an opportunity to meet their favorite stars together at hall.