Himansu Shekhar Rout

Beware! High-profile looters are on the prowl in Bhubaneswar. In one such loot incident a man and a woman, appearing to be a couple, stole cash from a garments shop on Lewis Road under Badagada Police Limits.

The Hindi-speaking couple came in an expensive car to the shop and managed to loot cash from the cash counter.

The entire scene was captured on a CCTV camera. The woman called a salesman to one side on the plea to buy some garments. At that time, the man took away cash in a jiffy. 

Later, they vanished from the scene. The man was wearing a mask the entire time in a bid to hide his identity.  

The owner of the garment shop filed a complaint at Badagada Police Station. 

The salesman, who was present at the shop said, "The man and the woman came into the shop. The woman asked for some garments and then I went to bring the garments. I was busy. At that time, the man was talking over the phone and stood near the cash counter. Before I came back to the cash counter, the man had gone outside. I had no idea that they were looters.”

Another employee said that the matter came to the fore when they were checking the CCTV footage randomly. That time, theft was seen and on checking the cash, it was confirmed, he added.

After the complaint, police started an investigation on the basis of the CCTV camera footage.

However, no reaction was received from the police.

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