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Menopause struggles: 5 foods that can make it easy

Every woman struggles with menopause symptoms in one way or the other. Here are some foods that can make life easier during this period.

5 major breakthroughs that support fight against cancer

Medical experts from different parts of the world have come up with 5 major breakthroughs that have been helpful in the fight against cancer.

  • Saturday, 04 February 2023
  • Cancer
World Cancer Day 2023: Awareness is the key to this preventable disease

This year's World Cancer Day's theme, “Close the Care Gap”, is all about celebrating progress in its many forms that enable more people to seek and receive the care they need and deserve.

  • Saturday, 04 February 2023
  • Cancer
Eating right
Eating right and smart to avoid sugar spike: Here are some important tips!

You should not only eat right but in a smarter way to avoid sugar spikes and slow down the process of aging.

A2 or A1 milk
A 2 or A1 Milk: Which is better?

There is a regular debate nowadays as to which milk is better--A2 or A1? Here is what the experts say!

Nirmala Sitharaman
Programme to eliminate sickle cell anaemia by 2047 to be launched: Finance Minister

She announced that the new programme to promote research and innovation in pharmaceuticals will be taken up

  • Wednesday, 01 February 2023
Foods that you should avoid pairing with milk to boost nutrition intake

Certain foods do not go well when paired with milk. Here are some such foods that should never be paired with milk.

Urgently address gaps in leprosy services, accelerate efforts towards zero infection: WHO
Urgently address gaps in leprosy services, accelerate efforts towards zero infection: WHO

Dr Singh called for persons affected by leprosy be engaged, empowered and involved in all aspects of decision-making, including in service design and delivery, and in social and economic activities.

  • Sunday, 29 January 2023
  • WHO
cuts and bruises
Cuts and bruises in kids: How to treat them at home?

It is normal for young children and kids to get cuts and bruises while playing or doing activities. Here's how to treat them at home!

  • Wednesday, 25 January 2023
WHO warns against contaminated child cough syrups after over 300 deaths
WHO warns against contaminated child cough syrups after over 300 deaths

The WHO has already issued three global medical product alerts regarding these incidents since October 2022.

  • Wednesday, 25 January 2023
  • WHO
Fruits and juices
Jams and Juices or raw fruits: Here's what to eat for better health

Even though juices and jams are easy to eat and taste very good, they are not really a healthy option.

Rare Surgery At SCB
SCB does another first of its kind surgery on patient who lost right thumb

The head of plastic surgery department, Dr. Bibhuti Bhusan Nayak, said, “The surgery is the first of its kind in Odisha and at SCB. As the surgery was complex, we brought it before the public today as the patient is out of the danger zone.”

Debunking 5 Common Diabetes Myths.
Debunking 5 common diabetes myths

By understanding facts about the condition, it can make the care journey less complicated.

One Lakh Covishield vaccine doses reach Odisha   Covishield vaccines reached Odisha today for the up
One Lakh Covishield vaccine doses reach Odisha

As per the Odisha Health & Family Welfare department, the vaccination drive will be undertaken for those who have not received their second or precaution dose.

Woman Takes COVID Vaccine Jab
Centre endorses Covid-19 vaccine after-effects, but rebuts RTI reply

An official statement on Tuesday said: "As is the case with all other vaccines, those who get vaccinated with different Covid-19 vaccines may experience mild symptoms like injection site tenderness, pain, headache, fatigue, myalgia, malaise, pyrexia, chills, arthralgia etc.