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Health sector gets Rs 16,048 crore in Rs 2.3 lakh crore Odisha budget
Health sector gets Rs 16,048 crore in Rs 2.3 lakh crore Odisha budget

In the budget, the government has made an allocation of Rs 750 crore for Ama Hospital Yojana. Under this scheme, as many as 147 hospitals will see a transformation in a period of one year. 

Rapid weight loss, digestion and erectile dysfunction: This superfood offers multiple benefits

Munakka is rich in all types of minerals and nutrients and thus, it is a superfood which may help treat multiple health issues

stem cell therapy
Major Breakthrough: Stem cell therapy cures Man with HIV and Cancer

The City of Hope doctors in the US have reportedly treated the HIV and cancer of a 66-year-old patient with stem cell therapy.

  • Wednesday, 22 February 2023
  • Cancer
High uric acid levels
5 ways to lower your uric acid level naturally

High levels of uric acid can be reduced naturally by making some changes in your diet and daily lifestyle.

  • Wednesday, 22 February 2023
What Is Marburg Virus, World’s Deadliest Disease That Kills 90% Of Patients, Has No Cure

After Covid-19, another deadly virus outbreak is looming large. This virus named Marburg can cause severe infections in humans. Possessing Ebola-like features, it causes Marburg virus disease. WHO has confirmed outbreak of deadly disease in E-Guniea.

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Some parents may needlessly give kids fever-reducing medicine: Study

While most parents recognise that a low-grade fever helps a child's body fight off infection, one in three would give fever-reducing medication for spiked temperatures below 100.4 -- which isn't recommended

India records over 15K organ transplants in 2022
India records over 15K organ transplants in 2022

The dialogue was organised to bring all the stakeholders under one roof to brainstorm ideas about interventions and best practices in the organ and tissue transplant field that can be taken up for saving lives.

  • Sunday, 19 February 2023
Revealed: This is how Covid virus impacts the heart

Scientists have found that Covid-19 infection can cause changes in calcium channels that can affect how the heart beats which can also trigger inflammation and oxidative stress in the heart.

High uric acid levels
5 Foods to avoid in high uric acid levels

High uric acid levels can cause inflammation and pain in the joints and many other health issues. Avoiding certain foods can help control uric acid levels.

Intermittent fasting or calorie restriction
Intermittent fasting vs calorie restriction: Which is better and why?

Which is better for overall health and weight loss: intermittent fasting or calorie restriction? Here's what a study suggests!

CT Scan machines at SCB hospital go kaput, patients at wits' end 
CT Scan machines at SCB hospital go kaput, patients at wits' end 

Investigation reveals that the SCBMCH has two CT Scan machines. While one has been lying defunct for a week now, the second one at the X-Ray department went out of the order yesterday, thanks to the extra pressure on it. 

WHO says mpox still int'l public health emergency

Two WHO regions, Europe and the Americas, which reported 95 percent of diagnosed cases, have maintained stable in case numbers during recent weeks.

  • Thursday, 16 February 2023
  • WHO
Video games
Do video games affect cognitive abilities of brain in young children? Here’s what research says

Parents are worried about the long duration their children spend on video games. Here's what a new study says!

  • Monday, 13 February 2023
Foods and beverages for good eyesight
Have eyesight issues? Include these foods and beverages to your diet

Fruits and vegetables have high vitamin and nutrient content that are very good for eyesight. Here are the food sources and beverages that you can include for maintaining your eye health.

processed foods
5 foods that cause damage to your mental health

Eating certain foods not only causes damage to the body but also affects your mental health. Here are such 5 foods that you must avoid or consume sparingly.