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Fruits and juices
Jams and Juices or raw fruits: Here's what to eat for better health

Even though juices and jams are easy to eat and taste very good, they are not really a healthy option.

  • Tuesday, 24 January 2023
Fungal infection
Fungal Infections on Skin: What causes it and how to prevent it?

Fungal infections occur in humans when an invading fungus takes over an area of the body that is too large for the immune system to handle. Anyone with a weakened immune system is more susceptible to a fungal infection.

  • Sunday, 01 January 2023
Sweating at night
Sweating at night might be an indicator of the following diseases

Night sweats are episodes of excessive sweating at night repetitively which soaks your clothes and bedding. Sweating at night is not a thing to worry about if you are in an overheated environment or sleep with excessive clothes on.

  • Sunday, 01 January 2023
 Skin Cancer
How to Spot Skin Cancer: Symptoms, Treatment, and Precautions

Global increases in skin cancer are anticipated between the years 2020 and 2040 as claimed by the World Health Organization's (WHO) Global Cancer Observatory.

  • Sunday, 01 January 2023
diabetes risk
Subtle signs in the morning that indicate diabetes risk

Diabetes causes very common morning signs in patients and it affects all aspects of the body causing many health issues.

  • Sunday, 01 January 2023
black coffee
Here are the amazing health benefits of black coffee and the side effects

Scientific research has demonstrated that drinking black coffee can significantly enhance overall physical fitness. But an overdose of coffee is one of the most common and ridiculous things people do as they can have long-term consequences for their bodies.

  • Sunday, 01 January 2023
Nose bleeding
Scary nosebleeds? Here is how Ayurveda promises to treat them

Nose bleeding is a common issue during summers as well as winters. These are blood losses from the tissues lining your nose. Epistaxis is the medical term used for nosebleeds.

  • Thursday, 29 December 2022
Pancreatic cancer
Pancreatic cancer: Know signs cancer has spread to other organs

Behind the stomach is a small, hockey stick-shaped gland called the pancreas. The pancreas is primarily responsible for regulating blood sugar levels and assisting in the digestion of food.

  • Thursday, 29 December 2022
How Ayurveda treats itchy stretch marks

Stretch marks are not the sole result of pregnancy but are lines that develop on the skin as a result of a quick weight gain or loss. Collagen and elastin, which sustain our skin, tore as a result of the sudden change.

  • Thursday, 29 December 2022
10 reasons you are unable to sleep
10 reasons you are unable to sleep

While increased dependency on gadgets after the pandemic has been seen to impact sleep patterns, psychological disorders like anxiety and depression among others also contribute to sleep problems.

  • Thursday, 29 December 2022
 holiday heart syndrome
What is holiday heart syndrome, what are symptoms and treatments

The term "holiday heart syndrome" refers to heart problems brought on by an excess of salty foods and alcohol.

  • Wednesday, 28 December 2022
Cervical cancer
Cervical cancer: Should girls who aren't sexually active be vaccinated against HPV?

The Government of India will administer vaccinations in schools to girls between the ages of 9 and 14 in an effort to prevent cervical cancer which occurs due to HPV.

  • Wednesday, 28 December 2022
natural sweeteners
Five natural sweeteners that are good for your health

Normal sugars are viewed as better sugar choices as they are gotten from plants, and products of the soil have a sweet taste.

  • Saturday, 24 December 2022
Magical home remedies to combat sore throat in no time

The normal resistant reaction prompts irritation and expansion of the mucous layer in the throat.

  • Friday, 23 December 2022
Sunflower seeds possess essential benefits; here's how to include them in your diet

Sunflower seeds make for a nutty, crunchy nibble and a delectable expansion to innumerable dishes. They contain a variety of nutrients and plant compounds that may aid in the fight against diabetes type 2 and heart disease.

  • Thursday, 22 December 2022