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Sweating at night
Sweating at night might be an indicator of the following diseases

Night sweats are episodes of excessive sweating at night repetitively which soaks your clothes and bedding. Sweating at night is not a thing to worry about if you are in an overheated environment or sleep with excessive clothes on.

 Skin Cancer
How to Spot Skin Cancer: Symptoms, Treatment, and Precautions

Global increases in skin cancer are anticipated between the years 2020 and 2040 as claimed by the World Health Organization's (WHO) Global Cancer Observatory.

diabetes risk
Subtle signs in the morning that indicate diabetes risk

Diabetes causes very common morning signs in patients and it affects all aspects of the body causing many health issues.

black coffee
Here are the amazing health benefits of black coffee and the side effects

Scientific research has demonstrated that drinking black coffee can significantly enhance overall physical fitness. But an overdose of coffee is one of the most common and ridiculous things people do as they can have long-term consequences for their bodies.

How to do online booking of COVID iNCOVACC vaccine dose

As Covid cases are increasing day by day, Bharat Biotech announced an Intranasal vaccine for Covid-19 called iNCOVACC, it is taken through the nose instead of getting injected.

 healthy lifestyle
Know why proper meal timing is essential for a healthy lifestyle

Maintaining your body's energy and happiness throughout the day is mostly dependent on the regularity and timing of your meals and snacks, which also have positive effects on your general health and wellbeing.

  • Sunday, 01 January 2023
New Year 2023
New Year 2023: The best resolutions for your health and overall well-being

New Year's Day 2023 is one day away. With the increase of Omicron BF.7, why not take a resolution to improve our health while boosting our immunity in 2023?

  • Sunday, 01 January 2023
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White tongue
White tongue causes bad breath; here are 4 Ayurvedic remedies to treat it

White tongue is definitely displeasing but harmless and temporary. The tongue appears so as it develops a thick white covering due to poor dental hygiene, dehydration, dry mouth, as well as other factors, leading to foul breath.

  • Saturday, 31 December 2022
Five best ways to soothe an upset stomach after eating too much

Depending on the type of food you ate, overeating can slow down your digestive system.

  • Friday, 30 December 2022
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Nose bleeding
Scary nosebleeds? Here is how Ayurveda promises to treat them

Nose bleeding is a common issue during summers as well as winters. These are blood losses from the tissues lining your nose. Epistaxis is the medical term used for nosebleeds.

Pancreatic cancer
Pancreatic cancer: Know signs cancer has spread to other organs

Behind the stomach is a small, hockey stick-shaped gland called the pancreas. The pancreas is primarily responsible for regulating blood sugar levels and assisting in the digestion of food.

How Ayurveda treats itchy stretch marks

Stretch marks are not the sole result of pregnancy but are lines that develop on the skin as a result of a quick weight gain or loss. Collagen and elastin, which sustain our skin, tore as a result of the sudden change.

 holiday heart syndrome
What is holiday heart syndrome, what are symptoms and treatments

The term "holiday heart syndrome" refers to heart problems brought on by an excess of salty foods and alcohol.

Cervical cancer
Cervical cancer: Should girls who aren't sexually active be vaccinated against HPV?

The Government of India will administer vaccinations in schools to girls between the ages of 9 and 14 in an effort to prevent cervical cancer which occurs due to HPV.

Losing taste and smell during covid might mean you have got strong immunity, study says

Covid cases are again rising now and after infection, there can be a variety of short-term and long-term problems one can face in daily life.