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eating mangoes with other foods
5 foods you should never eat after relishing mangoes

Certain foods can cause serious health issues if you eat them after relishing mangoes.

Do’s and Don’ts for better iron absorption and get over anemic condition

Certain food products inhibit the iron absorption process in the body which is why they should never be consumed near main meals.

Now a simple blood test may help detect anxiety, its severity
Now a simple blood test may help detect anxiety, its severity

"Many people are suffering from anxiety, which can be very disabling and interfere with daily life," said professor of psychiatry Alexander Niculescu, from Indiana University School of Medicine.

Symptoms of kidney disease
5 common symptoms that suggest you may have a kidney disease

Kidney disease if ignored for a long time can prove fatal. Here are a few common symptoms that suggest that your kidneys are not functioning properly.

Adenovirus alarm: 4 more child deaths reported from Kolkata, toll rises to 40 in 9 days
Adenovirus alarm: 4 more child deaths reported from Kolkata, toll rises to 40 in 9 days

Already, the state Health Department has issued an advisory for doctors, especially paediatricians, to take special care of children being admitted with flu-like symptoms, especially children aged two years or below since they are most vulnerable to being affected by Adenovirus.

  • Sunday, 05 March 2023
Why it's important to time your workouts

A common misconception around fitness remains that working out for longer durations fetches better results. The reality is quite the contrary.

Alcohol Detoxification
6 effective steps for alcohol detoxification

Alcohol detoxification is extremely necessary if you want to live a healthy and disease-free life. Here are 6 effective steps to make it possible!

  • Sunday, 05 March 2023
Adenovirus alarm
Adenovirus alarm: 36 children die in last nine days in Bengal

Adenovirus menace seems to be taking an alarming shape in West Bengal with the death of 36 children in the last nine days as per the records of the state health department.

foods to avoid for kidney disease
5 types of food to avoid if you have a kidney disease

Eating the wrong food items can disturb the functioning of the kidneys. Here are certain foods that kidney patients must avoid.

Odisha Health Secy Shalini Pandit
Odisha Health Secy compares BSKY with Ayushman Bharat, clarifies why Central scheme was not implemented

Addressing a press conference, Pandit said, “600 private hospitals in 17 different States have been empanelled under the BSKY scheme under which 3.5 crore people of 96.5 lakh Odia families can avail free healthcare services.

  • Thursday, 02 March 2023
Thyroid glands
5 Foods that improve function of thyroid glands

For the proper functioning of thyroid glands, it is important to eat foods that are rich in selenium and iodine.

  • Thursday, 02 March 2023
Aerobics, strength training may improve long Covid symptoms

Common long Covid symptoms include brain fog, fatigue, shortness of breath and decline of mental health.

  • Monday, 27 February 2023
Daily use of weed can raise heart disease risk
Daily use of weed can raise heart disease risk

CAD is the most common form of heart disease and occurs when the arteries that supply blood to the heart become narrowed due to a buildup of cholesterol.

  • Sunday, 26 February 2023
Covid 19
Covid marks sixth leading cause of death in US in January

Covid-19 was the sixth leading cause of death in the US in January, according to a report published by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Fatty liver disease
6 superfoods that can reverse fatty liver disease

Fatty liver disease is a serious health condition but it can be reversed with proper diet and other lifestyle changes

  • Saturday, 25 February 2023