Cassian Baliarsingh

A Gujarati businessman has left everyone speechless with his massive transformation without going to any gym or taking any fancy diet. Yes, you read that right! The man has lost a whopping 23 kilos in just 10 months by eating homemade food and doing home workouts.

An X user shared the before and after picture of the businessman that has now been going viral. Satej Gohel, a fitness consultant shared the post and revealed the secret to the weight loss through a series of posts.

He wrote, “No gym, no fancy food. A Gujarati businessman eating Gujarati homemade food and home workouts led to this transformation!” Niraj is a full-time businessman from Gujarat (Bhavnagar) with a hectic schedule throughout the day. Because of his busy schedule, initially, Niraj struggled to cover 10k steps, but after a few weeks, it became a regular part of his routine.”'

He continued, “He had no workout history and was hesitant to start working out at the gym, so we began with home-based workouts using a pair of dumbbells.”

“No nutritionist No Workout Guru No non veg ,,just brisk walking , cycling and daily 900-1000kcal burning and most importantly NO DIETING,” he added.

“This transformation was a complete team effort, and our weekly check-in calls kept him motivated and on track. Niraj is in the maintenance phase, enjoying his favorite foods and staying on top of his workouts and activities. This is his new way of life,” the post further read.

As expected, the post has been going viral with reactions from various social media users.

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