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  • Cottage cheese is considered one of the best sources of protein.
  • It is equally good for those who want to lose weight.

Who does not love cheese in sandwiches or pizzas? Everyone from young and old loves to gorge on cheesy delicacies. But more often you have to let go of using cheese simply because cheese is considered to be loaded with fat and cholesterol. However, not all cheese types are bad for health. Rather a few varieties of cheese are good for weight loss.

Cottage cheese or Paneer

Cottage cheese is considered one of the best sources of protein and it is equally good for those looking to lose weight. For 180 calories of paneer, you get around 24 grams of protein which makes it a filling as well as the best option to fulfil daily requirement of protein for vegetarian people. Mix cheese cottage with fruits to form a smoothie or other dishes.

Parmesan cheese

It is another good option for those aiming for weight loss. Unlike other cheeses, it does not add huge calories to your meals but ensures that you continue to enjoy the cheesy and rich flavors. Parmesan cheese is famous for its strong flavors which also ensures that you feel satisfied eating a very small portion of this cheese type.


It is a type of Middle Eastern cheese but not so well known among Weight Watchers. It offers balanced nutrition and its low-calorie and tangy flavour gives it the consistency of a sour cream. Labneh is rich in gut-friendly probiotics and 45 calories of this cheese offer 3 grams of protein. It can be used as a garnish or topping on salads and as a spread on toast and crisp pita.

Goat cheese

It is a very good option for those aiming to lose weight. It has low-fat content as compared to other cheese types and thus has low calories. It has a pungent taste and can be used to add flavor to your various dishes including salads and herb omelettes.

cheese varietiescheese varieties

Part-Skim Mozzarella cheese

This particular type of cheese is moist and hence has comparatively less fat and calories. The part-skim varieties are also low in sodium and saturated fat. It is largely used on pizzas and as a pairing with certain fruits and sandwiches.


It is a highly popular protein-rich variety of cheese in Germany. A half-cup serving of the non-fat plain variety of Quark contains 90 calories and 11 grams of protein which is almost double the amount of protein that is usually present in other varieties of cheeses of the same calories. Importantly it is thicker and creamy and has a smooth texture hence you can easily replace other high-calorie, dense cheese varieties as spread on whole-wheat toast or in smoothies.

(Disclaimer: This piece of article is for basic information purposes only. It's always advisable to consult a doctor for any type of health issue.)

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