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Brave or bullies! These cats frighten away lion, tiger, crocodile, bear & cobra; watch
IAF to participate in multi-national exercise 'Cobra Warrior' in UK
Man Bathing Cobra
    Watch: Man gives bath to King Cobra; netizens can't digest

    In the 22-second clip, a man is seen with a cobra in a restroom as he uses a mug from a bucket to pour water over the snake. There is a bottle, seemingly a beer bottle rolling on the bathroom floor too attracting some humorous replies too. 

    Dec 16, 2022

Man extracts cobra’s teeth
Kiss of death: Cobra awards ‘love bite’ to man kissing its hood #Watch
    Kiss of death: Cobra awards ‘love bite’ to man kissing its hood #Watch

    This may not be the only incident in which the man tried to kiss the venomous reptile. Several such videos are streaming on different platforms that show the daredevil stunts of the vloggers to garner views, likes, and popularity. While some lucky persons escape the deadly consequences, some incidents turn out to be fatal.

    Oct 08, 2022

Termite Mound Housing 2 Cobras
    WATCH | Giant King Cobra Inside House Safely Rescued | Odisha

    A giant 12-Ft King Cobra was spotted inside an abandoned house in Odisha’s Dhenkanal. After being informed, Snake Helpline members rushed to the spot. The reptile was safely rescued after hours-long op It was later released back into the jungle.

    Sep 02, 2022

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Rat saves its baby from king cobra
BIG King Cobra
Monoclode cobra
    Mother Cobra's Sacrifice! 14 Hatchlings Rescued From House In Odisha

    Usually, most snakes are cannibals who eat other snakes when hungry or there is no other source of food available. It was rather unusual for the Snake Helpline members to witness what unfolded in an under-construction septic tank in a house in Dulanapur village under Banki-Tamapada block.

    Jul 21, 2022

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Indian Cobra hatchlings found inside house in Puri
Snake Swallows & Vomits
Nagin dance with cobra