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Taurus Man
5 predominant characteristics of a Taurus man

Taurus which comes at the second position in the list of twelve zodiac signs, holds a special position being an Earth sign.

Chandrama Sahoo, President of Maa Raimali SHG
Ganjam’s millet triumphs, creates a milestone in Paris

Previously considered a staple food for poor indigenous people, millet was widely ignored by urban people as part of their regular diet. It has proven its potential in the five-day event of the International Food...

Pramod Swain
I was blackmailed by Archana Nag, says film producer Pramod Swain

As per sources, Archana, who was involved in one of the biggest sextortion scandals of the State, was staying on rent at Swain’s Jagamara residence.

Leo Man
5 special character traits of a Leo man

Leo men are often considered overriding because of their possessive nature and are often misunderstood as cold-blooded but in actual case, it is exactly the opposite. Men with this birth sign are highly caring and...

Forest Officials at Boudh
50 forest officials narrowly escape landmine blast in Boudh

As reported, a team of forest officials went into Lakadpaju forest to seize and destroy ganja cultivation which was being done inside the deep forest. During the operation, suddenly a landmine blasted which was supposedly...

5 striking qualities of a Gemini man
5 striking qualities of a Gemini man

The above-mentioned information is taken from the general character traits of men with the Gemini zodiac sign. The results may vary from person to person.

Puri Temple
Srimandir Nata Mandap cracks haven’t widened: ASI Odisha chief

The inspection was done in presence of amicus curiae NK Mohanty and ASI Odisha superintendent Arun Mallick. They were also accompanied by Professor Arun Menon of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Chennai.

Aquarius man
5 attractive character traits of an Aquarius man

Men with the Aquarius birth sign are usually sophisticated individuals, who appear cold sometimes due to their fondness for being socially detached.

Minimum temp to be below normal by 2 to 3 degrees in different Odisha districts: IMD

The people here have braced themselves to tackle the wrath of winter. India Meteorological Department (IMD) on Sunday informed that Phulbani recorded the lowest minimum temperature of 9.5 degree Celsius on Saturday.

SCB Medical
Man carries wife on shoulder, exposes rickety SCB infrastructure

This news has come from SCB Medical College and Hospital of Cuttack, Odisha which is deemed to be the most prestigious government-operated health institution in the state.

Maoists gun down man on suspicion of being police informer
Maoists gun down man on suspicion of being police informer

The deceased has been identified as Lalabati Majhi.

Ancient Sculptures in Jajpur
3 ancient sculptures of Lord Vishnu excavated from Baitarani river in Jajpur

Excavated sculptures are said to be of the twelfth and thirtieth centuries out of which one is broken and two are in an intact condition.

Flower Garden
Gardening tips: 5 most desirable flowering plants to grow during winter

Since winter offers adequate sunshine along with a soothing environment to work outdoors, most gardening enthusiasts make the maximum utilisation of it to grow vibrant and ambrosial flowers.

EPFO: Salary threshold limit likely to go up to 21,000 from 15,000

EPFO aims to provide financial security to its members post retirement. Companies with more than 20 employees are mandated to abide by the EPFO guidelines.

Bonsai Tree
Fond of gardening? Try your hand at these 3 bonsai trees

The art of making Bonsai has been practiced in China since over 1000 years, and the earliest Japanese reference goes back to the Kasuga-gongen-genki (1309), a picture scroll by famous painter Takashina Takakane.

Singer Tarique Aziz
FIR against singer Tarique Aziz after Biraja Temple prayer pic goes viral

The “O Balma” singer courted controversy after he shared a photograph on his Instagram account. In the picture he was seen posing with some temple priests after reportedly offering prayers at the temple.

5 must have equipment for gardening enthusiasts

The art of giving life to plants not only needs sheer patience; it needs adequate knowledge and specialized equipment.

The ‘HULK’ turns 55; here are 3 memorable movies of Mark Ruffalo

Apart from playing the character of Hulk and being children’s favourite worldwide, Ruffalo has also given some great comic and contemporary movies. Here are three of his best movies of all time.

Marie Tharp
Why Marie Tharp is Google’s doodle of the day? Read to know more

Born on July 30, 1920, in Ypsilanti, Michigan, Marie was the only child of William Edgar Tharp, a soil surveyor for the United States of America’s Agriculture Department, and Bertha Louise Tharp.

5 essentials accessories to make your bedroom better than before, check out

The season of romance is also famous for its short days, and lengthy nights due to which people prefer spending more time in their cozy bedrooms. But, is your bedroom ready to help you spend...

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