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We have always tried to amend nature, whether it is in terms of taming wild animals or constructing monolithic monuments. Similar approach has been also made in the field of agriculture. We have fought all odds to develop our desired crops, and mass produce the same as well.

But as in every field, we also tried to give a creative touch in the field of agriculture and gardening. One of those artistic approaches was developing dwarf variants of regular trees, which is known as Bonsai. The Japanese term “Bon Sai” refers to “planted in a container”.

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The art of making Bonsai has been practiced in China since over 1000 years, and the earliest Japanese reference goes back to the Kasuga-gongen-genki (1309), a picture scroll by famous painter Takashina Takakane.

Keeping aside the long history, dwarf plants are great delight to watch and can contribute immensely towards increasing the ambiance of any room.

Here Are Three Bonsai, Trees For The Beginners To Start With:

1. Dwarf Jade:

Dwarf Jade scientifically known as “Crassula ovate”, is one of the easiest trees to start your bonsai art of crafting dwarf trees. Jade are typically chosen for its high durability and low care. You can easily grow it indoors with minimalistic water and exposure to sunshine. Its lush green leaves and natural look is widely admired by gardening enthusiasts.

Drawf JadeDrawf Jade

2. Pomegranate Tree:

Are you fond of Pomegranates, and want see those tempting red fruits grow indoors? If yes, here’s one for you. Pomegranate is the most preferred fruit tree to grown as bonsai because of its round the year growing ability, which is not restricted by seasonal changes. You can grow this rugged tree in your house without much hustles.

Pomegranate BonsaiPomegranate Bonsai

3. Pine Tree:

Pine trees are considered as the best choice for bonsai because of its natural feature to be trained in a desired shape. Due to its low water after absorbing quality, it can be grown easily indoors with a minimum care. Dwarf Pines are eye-candies because of their triangle like shape and scattered branches.

Pine Tree BosaiPine Tree Bosai

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