Anirbaan Hritiq

Gardening emerged as a great hobby during Covid-19 pandemic. From Bollywood superstars such as Salman Khan to normal family men cherished working as part-time gardener during the quarantine period. The art of giving life to plants not only needs sheer patience; it needs adequate knowledge and specialized equipment.

Both farming and gardening can be taken in the same side of a scale due to their nature, but there is a big difference between both the activities. While farming is done at large scale under professional supervision and experience, gardening is often deemed as an art. Gardening deals with growing of plants that need proper care for best results.

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Here Are Five Basic Gardening Equipment:

1. Watering Can

This common equipment is often ignored by most households, and is often considered non-essential. But, do you know this can yield best results? Yes, the shower like nozzle of watering can help in sprinkling of water evenly without hampering the soil texture, and breaking saplings. Pouring water directly from a large mouth mug or container will have a similar effect as floods on farmlands.

Watering CanWatering Can

2. Gardening Rake

Are you tired of removing dry fallen leaves from your garden? This simple tool can work like a magic wand. Rake is a simple tool with comb like metal teeth attached to the bottom of a large stick handle. It helps in removing dry leaves, debris, dirt and other foreign elements that cause damage to land texture.

Gardening RakeGardening Rake

3. Loppers

Fed-up with rapidly growing branches and daily maintenance charges which you pay for cutting and trimming of twigs? Buy a lopper to deal with it. Loppers are scissor like equipment with strong heavy duty blades to cut branches of plants and trees. It can be safely operated without hassles that make it better than bigger alternatives such as axes and large knives.


4. Hand Trowel

Stop digging with hands, and go for this simple tool for precise digging and loosing soil grip. Trowel can be extremely helpful in reducing efforts while gardening in small spaces such as flowering pots, burying seeds, mixing of manures and fertilizers.

Hand TrowelHand Trowel

5. Pruning Shears

Have you ever wondered how gardeners give shape to different plants? While loppers are helpful in taking down branches of large trees and branches, pruning shears are scissors like equipment for cutting branches, leaves and trimming small plants. It not only helps in the process of cutting, but also gives that artistic creativity.

Pruning ShearsPruning Shears