Anirbaan Hritiq

In a shocking incident, a man was seen carrying his ill wife on his shoulders due to non-availability of stretchers or wheelchairs.

This news has come from SCB Medical College and Hospital of Cuttack, Odisha which is deemed to be the most prestigious government-operated health institution in the state.

A man identified as Ram Singh of Brahmanajharilo area coming under Cuttack Sadar was seen carrying his wife on his shoulder for treatment after being denied a stretcher for movement on Thursday.

Being questioned by the media, Ram Singh said, “My wife is unable to walk on her own due to a heavy ache in the legs. On request for a stretcher, or a battery-operated vehicle to carry my wife for an injection I was denied by the hospital staff.”

Upon inquiry, the media found that stretchers were being used to carry goods, oxygen cylinders, and other medical equipment. 

Meanwhile, emergency officer Bhubananda Moharana said; “Recently adequate number of stretchers and wheelchairs have been provided to all wards and causalities. We are not aware of every event happening inside the premises; we will check this matter and avoid further repetitions in the future.”

(Reported by Debashis Mohanty)