Himansu Shekhar Rout

Police have rescued a rare snake from three persons including a woman, attired like saints, in the Old Town area of Bhubaneswar on Thursday. The three were detained.

The detained persons reportedly hail from Delhi. Apart from the snake, police also seized some gemstones from them.

As per reports, the three were moving in the city, selling gemstones and displaying the snake. They were allegedly collecting money from people. Some local residents detained them and handed them over to Lingaraj Police. 

Speaking to the media, one of the detainees said, "We are from Delhi. Police detained us for carrying this snake. We were asking for alms by showing the snake.”

He also added that his colleague was near a river where a snake was rescued. “The snake might have been swept by the river current,” he added.

The detained woman said, "We were selling gemstones.”

The three said that they were yogis and had no ashrams here and were unaware that keeping a snake is illegal.   

Further investigation into the matter is underway.  

However, no reaction was received from the police.

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