Anirbaan Hritiq

Men with this zodiac sign are like the rising Sun, as they are governed by the planet mercury which is closest to the epicentre of life in our galaxy.  Being closest to the Sun, the zodiacs ruled by Mercury have the unique character to be strong and simultaneously subtle.

Geminis are sometimes mocked for fun due to the unique pattern formed by their constellation; they certainly bear more interesting characteristics than you can imagine.

Here are the five-character traits of a Gemini man:

1. Witty: Who doesn’t like to listen to jokes, or be around someone who keeps them entertained? If you want that hint of happiness in your life, Gemini men are perfect for you. If you have been around men with this zodiac sign, then you must have felt the jovialness in their persona.

2. Romantic: Being romantic and understanding both are different things. Men born under the Gemini sign are blessed with the art of being the best lovers due to their calm, witty, persuasive and balancing character. They can pamper their people to the next level, which may create a scene sometimes. But, that’s the beauty!

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3. Free-bird: Gemini men are extremely unrestricted by nature. They may lack a sense of commitment sometimes or any form of bondage. But once the decision to be with someone, they do it passionately. Independence is highly essential for men with this zodiac sign, you can’t keep them hand-cuffed both physically or emotionally.

4. Extroverts: Yes, if a Gemini doesn’t speak, he is upset or not in a mood. One of the fundamental characteristics of maximum Gemini men is that they are extroverts and keep their opinions on all issues. No matter how important or trivial is it, they always have something to say and get extremely upset when not allowed to do so.

5. Attached to the family: Gemini men may have all qualities of being detached from worldly affairs, but at the core, they are emotional and highly attached to their families. They will do everything to let you know that they care for you and make you special.

The above-mentioned information is taken from the general character traits of men with the Gemini zodiac sign. The results may vary from person to person.