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World Television Day 2022: Unsung legacy of the idiot box

John Logie Baird, the Scottish inventor who gave the idea of modern-day television back in the 1920s, gave the world’s first public demonstration of silhouette images in motion at the famous Selfridge departmental store in...

Endeavour Car Found Abandoned In Bhubaneswar
Lady blackmailer Archana Nag’s high-end 'mysterious' SUV seized

The vehicle, which went missing under mysterious circumstances, was reportedly abandoned by an unidentified person at Mancheswar industrial estate area on Friday.

School Children
Children’s Day 2022: Make your child future ready with hint of philosophy

India which is celebrating its 75 glorious years of Independence needs to focus on holistic development of young minds, not only through tech-based education but by enlightening future stakeholders of nation with essence of philosophy...

Be winter ready with these stylish sunshades

A good pair of sunglasses can elevate your overall look to the next level if you choose them wisely in accordance to the occasion and your face shape.

Archana Nag honeytrapped 25 bigwigs including 18 MLAs
Lady blackmailer case: ED interrogates Archana Nag’s father

According to sources, a five-member team of the national investigating agency is questioning the honey trap queen's father at its office to elicit more information about her modus operandi.

National Education Day 2022: Prioritising education for all

The Ministry of Human Resource Development in 2008 had made a formal announcement to celebrate the birthday of Bharat Ratna, Abul Kalam Azad as the National Education Day.

Men T-shirt
Be winter ready, dress with these charming t-shirts

Can t-shirts uplift your fashion statement? Of course, a proper t-shirt in accordance with occasions can contribute a lot towards adding charm to your wardrobe.

Rakesh Samantaray, alias Raka.
Notorious drug peddler nabbed by STF, brown sugar worth Rs 2 crore seized

The peddler arrested from near Khordha-Jatni bypass, has been identified as Rakesh Samantaray, alias Raka.  As per reports, the accused hails from Andharua under Ranapur Police limits in Nayagrah District.

Accused builder, Arun Patnaik
Bhubaneswar Builder arrested for duping home buyers of Rs 2 crore

As per reports, Patnaik, the CEO of Maa Santoshi Real-estate, swindled more than Rs 2 crore from the home buyers by promising them to provide flats. 

Tea Special: This weekend, explore full potential of your favourite beverage

Do you know tea is way more than just a beverage? Yes, tea leaves serve many purposes beyond being just a food item which will change your total perception of tea forever and after! 

Kartika Purnima
Kartika Purnima; reliving the rich maritime history of Odisha

Odisha’s traders travelled abroad in the past for trade and cultural exchanges, one of the most prominent countries they went to was Indonesia.

Guru Nanak Dev
Guru Nanak Jayanti: Tracing his unique bond with Odisha

Guru Nanak was born at the same time as the famous Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and both were equivalently engaged in the spreading of religious teachings.

National Cancer Awareness Day, 2022
National Cancer Awareness Day: Voice against glamourisation of tobacco

According to a report of the World Health Organisation (WHO), tobacco kills more than 8 million people annually, out of which around 1.2 million deaths are caused due to non-smokers being victims of passive smoking.

Air Pollution
5 simple, homemade ways to protect you from air pollution

Air pollution can emerge from various sources and can directly or indirectly affect your health. For example, passive smoking.

Road Rage
Road rage can be avoided, read to know how to tackle road rage

Drivers often show aggressive behavior while dealing with wrongs of others. They sometimes take ugly turns leading to serious outcomes like quarrels, hurling abuses, physical confrontations leading fatal consequences such as death.

Sameer Pradhani
After border intrusion prevention device, Gajapati ITI student now innovates smart stick for police

As per the demonstration presented by Sameer, the stick is capable of multiple operations which gives it a winning edge over conventional wooden/bamboo sticks used by home guards and police officials.

Cobra Snake
Height of superstition: Villagers eat only vegetarian fearing snakebite, wrath of god

As per beliefs, a venomous cobra will bite and kill one who eats, or endorses consuming any form of meat items. This unique superstition is followed since time immemorial turning the entire village into a...

Lunar eclipse on Kartika Purnima shatters dreams of boatmakers

Every year, the traditional boat makers of Jaleswarpur, Mahanga block of Cuttack wait for this festive eve to showcase their unique craftsmanship and make thousands of miniature boats for the devotees.

Elon Musk
Twitter sharks on fire after Musk's $8 monthly subscription plan for verified users

Twitter emerged as a platform that endorsed a no-nonsense concept with a limited word count, strict verification process and high professional standards.

Halloween: Treat yourself with these amazing horror movies

This festival is also famous for the unique terminology “Trick or Treat, used by kids who roam door to door asking for candies, gifts and money.

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