Anirbaan Hritiq

An ITI student from Chandragiri of Mohana in Gajapati district, who recently garnered fame and state-wide recognition for inventing a device to prevent border intrusion, has once again hogged the limelight for his new innovation.

Sameer Pradhani has come up with a new device called 'Smart Stick' which he claims will help police personnel protect themselves.

As per the demonstration presented by Sameer, the stick is capable of multiple operations which gives it a winning edge over conventional wooden/bamboo sticks used by home guards and police officials.

The embedded feature in the smart stick includes a spray similar to pepper spray, which can temporarily cause a blinding effect, a shun gun-like device which can electrocute miscreants standing within 10 ft range, a torchlight, lighter, small knife, and a first-aid kit.

The stick also has a unique feature of sending SOS signals to the nearest police station and other officials. “If an uneventful situation can’t be neutralised by the home guard himself, he can send an SOS signal just by touching a button for instant assistance,” Sameer said.

On being asked about the time and money he spent developing the smart stick, Sameer said, “It took me around 2-3 days for making the stick, on an estimated investment of Rs 800-1000.” 

Sameer’s innovation for the armed forces has earned him great accolades from the local people, as well as the institution in which he is currently studying. Sameer’s previous invention was highly encouraged and appreciated by Chandragiri ITI Principal Jagadeesh Haibru.
(Reported by Mihir Jati, OTV)