Anirbaan Hritiq

Being stylish along with being comfortable is an art, and most men miss hitting the bull’s eye due to a lack of taste for passion. There is a wide misconception regards men’s wear, that it has limited varieties and lacks the essence of fashion.

Things become even more complicated when it comes to t-shirts, as most people have a blunt approach towards it. Can t-shirts uplift your fashion statement? Of course, a proper t-shirt in accordance with occasions can contribute a lot towards adding charm to your wardrobe.

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Here Are Five Popular Styles Of T-Shirts Which Can Make You A Head-Turner:

Polo T-shirts:

Old-school polo t-shirts can be a game changer when it is properly styled. Wearing a good cotton polo t-shirt can both serve formal and casual purposes. Polo can go well with a pair of jean pants and chinos.

Dressing Tip- Try wearing light-colored chinos with a dark polo t-shirt. For example, ivory color chinos can be paired with a dark black polo t-shirt as office wears.

Henley T-shirts:

These collarless pull-over style t-shirts can make your casual look even more attractive. ’s have gained quite a reasonable fan following amongst the youngsters who prefer wearing it during the winters for its full-sleeve comfort.

Dressing Tips- Henley can be paired with a pullover for the best results. For example: Wearing a charcoal-colored henley with a black colored pullover can result in a deadly combo.

V-neck T-shirts:

Ditch your round naked t-shirts to be a charmer. Yes, round-neck t-shirts give you a boyish look that is not well accepted among fashion enthusiasts, switch to v-neck t-shirts for deriving the best of your body. V-neck t-shirts can be themed both in semi-formal and casual looks.

Dressing Tips- Dark-colored v-neck t-shirts can be themed with lighter denims can boost your charming personality. For example: Try pairing a wine-colored t-shirt with a white jacket or blazer, along with black chinos.

Full-sleeve T-shirt, Sweatshirt:

Are you worried about winter hampering your fashion statement? Check out, a full-sleeve sweatshirt, or t-shirt. These t-shirts can be themed with both formal and informal attire, skyrocketing your overall fashion statement.

Dressing Tips- Try wearing a light colored sweatshirt with dark denim. For example; you can try pairing a white-colored sweat t-shirt with dark blue denim.

Turtle-neck T-shirts:

Some classic dressing styles can never go out of the fashion, one of those is turtle necks. Especially, turtle necks work like a magic in elevating winter looks, along with comforting you with desired warmth. Turtle necks can be used for both formal and informal looks.

Dressing Tips- Try wearing a dark-colored turtle neck with a blazer. For example; wearing a bottle green colored turtle-necked t-shirt with a tanned blazer can woo your desired audience.

Follow the above-mentioned fashion tips for deriving the best of your wardrobe, and standing out in the crowd.

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