Poonam Singh

Star Plus' popular show 'Jhanak,' stars Hiba Nawab as the titular character alongside Krushal Ahuja as Anirudh and Chandani Sharma as Arshi. This captivating series has so far given its viewers an enthralling experience with its intense narrative.

The storyline takes an intriguing turn as Anirudh and Jhanak engage in frequent arguments, yet their bond deepens with each interaction, hinting at underlying feelings of love. However, despite their growing closeness, both remain oblivious to their true emotions or rather are hesitant to express.

Complicating matters further, Anirudh finds himself betrothed to Arshi, despite his budding affection for Jhanak. Meanwhile, Anirudh's sister Apu di observes their growing intimacy, secretly rooting for them as she harbours disdain for Arshi.

As Anirudh grapples with his growing feelings for Jhanak, he becomes increasingly restless and insecure. However, unaware of his emotions, he initially attributes his turmoil to his sense of duty.

Meanwhile, Jhanak, seeking solace from her tumultuous situation, travels to Srinagar to complete her graduation exams, away from Anirudh's household. However, her respite is short-lived as she unknowingly becomes a target for Tejas, seeking revenge.

Despite Anirudh's plea for Jhanak to focus on her studies, he eventually realizes the danger she faces and sets out to protect her. As he tracks her down in Srinagar, Jhanak is shocked by his unexpected arrival, urging him to return for his own safety.

As tensions escalate and danger looms, the question remains: Will Anirudh succeed in protecting Jhanak? And will both Jhanak and Anirudh realise their love for each other or will Arshi succeed in separating them.