Anirbaan Hritiq

Road rage has become a new fad with youths, especially in developing countries like us where people are prone towards such incidents. Road rage in simple terms means irrational and hyper behavior shown by a driver in response to nuisances by others. 

Drivers often show aggressive behavior while dealing with wrongs of others. They sometimes take ugly turns leading to serious outcomes like quarrels, hurling abuses, physical confrontations leading fatal consequences such as death due to excessive violence.

Though there are no concrete evidence about what triggers such behaviour on roads, psychologists associate them with stress, chronic depression, release of emotional outburst built upon work pressure, and habitual aggressive nature.

Road rage can be of various types that includes tailgating, aggressive overtakings, obstructing other commuters, hurling abuses, threatening to cause harms and kinds of criminal intimidation. With a rise in the number of vehicles on roads and youngsters behind the wheel, road aggression scenario has skyrocketed.

1. Following road norms; traffic rules: No one is an expert when it comes to driving, mistakes do happen even you have decades of road experience. Following basic traffic norms, can not only save your time but also reduce chances of getting into uncanny situations such as road rages. If you follow traffic norms properly and driving accordance to specified instructions there are high chances of not getting victimised by other drivers.

2 Don’t  drive when you are stressed: Yes, driving under emotional downfall and pressure can lead to unforeseen disasters. It is wise to avoid driving while you are emotionally down. Putting yourself behind the wheels during emotional extremities, can lead to accidents, unnecessary aggression, and stressful events. 

3. Avoid driving while you are intoxicated: Driving under influence of any sort of exhilarating material not only puts you in danger, as well as others on road. Most of the road rages are partly due to intoxicated drivers, who unintentionally get into unnecessary confrontation with other commuters on road. 

4. Don’t be over-reactive: It is normal for every human to react or respond to uncanny behavior of others, and sometimes even it becomes unavoidable to do so. But it is always wise to avoid unnecessary confrontations and reacting aggressively towards others, because you never know whether the other person is in state of mental sanity or not.

5. Call Police: It is always wise to seek help of cops when you feel a motorist is not driving sanely on road. In place of being a crusader yourself, always try to tackle the matter legally with the help of officials. Yes, that masculine urge to dominate others is too hard to control but not every day is sunny and can go in your favor. 

Maximum road rages situations can be avoided by being more civilized and lawful in nature. The sign of a good driver is to be patient and cool while driving, looking into your own safety, and others on road as well.