Anirbaan Hritiq

Twitter with over a whopping 320 million users is undoubtedly one of the biggest social media platforms in the world. The immensely growing site has gained enormous popularity amongst all age groups; one who is above thirteen years old can easily open a Twitter account by submitting basic details.

But, what makes this micro-blogging platform so special and different from other conventional social media hosting sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Whats App? The answer is “Simplicity”. Yes, Twitter emerged as a platform that endorsed a no-nonsense concept with a limited word count, strict verification process and high professional standards.

Due to ease of use and accuracy in grabbing the attention of the targeted audience in the easiest manner possible, the platform became an instant favourite of Governments, institutions, and media houses alike worldwide. From the head of state to famous personalities and the common man, many around the globe uses this platform to communicate and connect with people.

In India for example, Twitter randomly gained fame amongst users and experienced a surge during the Covid-19 outbreak where distressed people joined to get assistance from Government machinery and other organisations.

Of late, however, back-to-back series of incidents followed by Musk’s acquisition of the micro-blogging platform has triggered a wide range of debates amongst users.

(In the tweet below, Musk is seen trolling criticisers via memes)

One of the recent tweets from Elon, regarding subscription charges for verified accounts and making it more accessible for all categories of users has erupted apprehension and the prominent verified accounts are leaving no stone unturned to hit back.

Here are some reactions from some renowned figures on Twitter:

Famous American author Stephen King who has a reasonable number of followers which stands at 6.9 million, shared his opinion via tweet, and said;

World's no 1 Tech-Youtuber, Marques Brownlee who has 5.9 million followers on Twitter, retweeted Elon's tweet and wrote;

One of Odisha's most Twitter active officer and top cop, Arun Bothra IPS (ADGP Crime cum Transport Commisioner) in his usual flow of sarcasm, termed Elon's decision as "Hypocracy Max Pro" 

Noted IFS officer Parveen Kaswan also took to Twitter to comment over the development. "That should be in local currency. 20 whatever the local currency is. Purchasing power parity," he wrote.

Co-presenter of the motoring programme Top Gear James May said wrote in his Twitter page: Perhaps the ideal answer to the great Blue Tick debate is that everyone on here should be verified, haters an’ all. Then we can be accountable, and therefore responsible, digital citizens. Naïve, probably.