Anirbaan Hritiq

With the season of romance Winter knocking at the doors, the climate in India will show a similar trend in several states. While the day will remain warm, the soothing icy breeze evenings will make the season the most desirable for events and holidays.

People choose Winter as the idle season for getting married, going on vacations, and experimenting with different clothes. But, most men get confused when it comes to sunshades or sunglasses.

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A good pair of sunglasses can elevate your overall look to the next level if you choose them wisely in accordance to the occasion and your face shape. Here are five sunshades on must-have;

Aviators: The old-school aviators are never out of fashion and can go well with any face type. These types of sunshades are widely preferred by aviators, bikers, and military personnel.

The large lenses not only protect your eyes from the UV rays of the sun, but also adds a touch of maturity to your overall look.

Dressing Tip: Theme an aviator with a leather jacket to have a bossy presence while outdoors.

Club-masters: Club-master frame style which is slowly gaining prominence nowadays, has roots back in 1947 when it gained fame as the choice of frame for regular glasses.

Club-masters frame gives its unique nose bridge style keeping it a winning edge over other types of sunglasses. It is widely deemed as a symbol of elegance among enthusiasts.

Dressing Tips: Club-masters can be both themed with casual and formal attire. But, looks best with classy attire, try pairing these shades with formals.

Notch Bridge: These nose-hugging sunglasses gained fame back in 1960’s when Hollywood stars such as Steve McQueen wore these shades in his movie The Thomas Crown Affair, 1968.

Giving your face a distinct look, these sunglasses merge with your natural looks.

Dressing Tips: Notch Bridges can be themed with business casuals for a striking appearance.

Rounded: If you are a fan of funky looks, these type of sunglasses can make you stand out in the crowd with their distinct appearance.

Rounded frames are famous amongst music artists and celebrities for giving that rebellious look.

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Dressing Tips: Round frames go well with casuals. Try wearing them along with denim jackets for attention arresting presence during outdoors.

Sports: Sport sunglasses are popular among athletes for their vivid colour lenses and unique shape.

The mirror coating on lenses not only gives the user an eccentric look but also protects the eyes from harsh sun rays.

Dressing Tips: Sports sunglasses goes well with casual and semi-formal attire. Try pairing it with a bold colour t-shirt and chinos.