• Friday, September 22, 2023
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5 simple, homemade ways to protect you from air pollution

Air pollution can emerge from various sources and can directly or indirectly affect your health. For example, passive smoking.

Anirbaan Hritiq
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Air PollutionPhotoPhoto: IANS

Delhi Air Pollution

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A rapid growth in air pollution and the drop in air quality index (AQI) around the country have raised concerns amongst citizens of India. Especially, the national capital Delhi is going through its worst phase due to massive crop burn and smog formation. As per the real-time AQI report, the current status of Delhi shows air quality under the “Severe” category.

Air pollution can emerge from various sources and can directly or indirectly affect your health. For example, passive smoking. If you inhale fumes released by cigarette smokers it can affect your health. Therefore, you are always vulnerable in some way or other.

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Here Are Five Tried And Tested Tips Which Can Help You Save Yourself Against The Negative Impact Of Air Pollution:

1. Wearing An N95 Mask: Masks, again? Having gone through the terrible Covid-19 phase, even taking the name of mask can be a shocker. But masks work great in protecting you against harmful fumes, and unnecessary foreign particles present in the air. Consider wearing a mask, when you go out in a highly air-polluted area.

2. Steam Inhalation: Steam inhalation can create wonders. Inhaling steam can clarify your lungs and conjunctions in the respiratory channel. Steam works are a great detoxifier and can aid in removing accumulated dirt particles.

3. Use An Air Purifier: If you are living in a highly polluted area, consider using an air purifier which can clear air inside your house. Even non-electric air purifiers such as charcoal bags can reduce the pollutants present in air significantly.

4. Keep Your House Ventilated: A well-ventilated house helps in maintaining stable air quality inside the house. Prefer cross-ventilated houses, and install exhaust fans in cramped areas of the house. For example, kitchens and bathrooms are the most vulnerable areas of any household. Also, consider installing a chimney if your cooking place is small. 

5. Consider Having Detox Tea And Vitamin C-rich Food Items: Detox tea such as green tea, kahwah tea and herbal tea can help in fighting against air pollution. Similarly, having Vitamin C and Omega fatty acid-rich food items can aid in building strong immunity against pollutants present in impure air.

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