Anirbaan Hritiq

Winter is not only the season of romance but also for vivid flowers as well. Gardening enthusiasts wait for this period to work in their gardens and carry out different experiments from growing seasonal fruits and vegetables to flowering plants.

Since winter offers adequate sunshine along with a soothing environment to work outdoors, most gardening enthusiasts make the maximum utilisation of it to grow vibrant and ambrosial flowers.

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Here Are The Five Must-Have Flowering Plants During These Winters;

1. Petunia:

These unique funnel shapes multi-coloured flowers are an absolute delight to watch and cherish. Petunias are usually found in white, yellow, violet and pink colours growing in bunches. If you want to make your garden look glowing this winter, petunias are the best choice.

Petunia Petunia

2. Daffodils:

Daffodils are probably the most famed flowers after rose and jasmine, because of their stunning bright yellow colours as well as the world-famous poem by William Wordsworth with the same name. The everlasting yellow hue of daffodils is ideal to be grown in places with high exposure to sun and soil with acidic PH values.


3. Pansy:

Pansies are true winter flowers, these butterfly-shaped flowers are available in many colours. These flowers growing in a cluster can make your garden look colourful and packed.


4. Dahlias:

These multicolour large variety of flowers is quite common in India. Almost, everyone is fond of dahlias and is widely chosen by gardeners for ease of maintenance and longevity. These bright-coloured flowers are suitable for those who are sensitive towards strong aromas.


5. Alyssum:

These sweet-smelling white flowers can grow easily in well-drained soil. Alyssum can be a beautiful addition to any garden with its sweet honey-like smell and tiny profile. It can grow throughout the winter and have a high tolerance towards low temperatures.


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