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Casual Dating
5 best outfits for men for casual dating

Going on a casual date? Here are the 5 best outfit ideas for men!

  • Friday, 02 December 2022
Impress your Crush
5 surefire ways to catch your crush's attention

If you want to impress your crush, it's a no-brainer. Just stay true to yourself. Don't be afraid to do something that catches their attention, even if you feel nervous or shy. For instance, you shouldn't appear to be overly enamoured or clingy. It is important to keep this in mind, and you will see that there are plenty of ways to impress your crush without trying too hard if you keep this in mind.

  • Wednesday, 30 November 2022
Six tips for a desired and healthy relationship with your partner

In healthy relationships, each partner's identity remains distinct, with each free to do as and when they please. This gives the impression of freedom and security.

  • Wednesday, 30 November 2022
Dating your neighbour
Pros and cons of dating your neighbour

Dating your neighbour can be a good idea for the start. But the relationship also has some drawbacks.

  • Monday, 28 November 2022
Double dating
Pros and Cons of double dating that you must know

Double dating has its pros and cons and you must know about both before scheduling one for yourself.

  • Saturday, 26 November 2022
Dating after divorce
Dating after divorce: 5 mistakes you must avoid

Divorce can be very sad and depressing. But that does not mean that you cannot find a new partner. However, there are a few mistakes that you must avoid when dating after divorce.

  • Friday, 25 November 2022
Love at first sight
Love at first sight: 5 things in boys that attract girls most

Apart from good luck, there are many more qualities in boys that attract girls during the first meeting.

  • Wednesday, 23 November 2022
5 things that will help you date a person with a disability
Love beyond disabilities: 5 things that will help you date a person with a disability

Remember, "Love is beyond disabilities. It just needs the ability to love, commit, and express feelings"

  • Sunday, 06 November 2022
First Date
Making first dates pocket-friendly

This year, the dating APP found that its members are turning to affordable dates as frugal flirting catches on. Young daters are following suit as 73 percent of them prefer simple dates to fancy ones according to Tinder's new ways of dating*.

  • Saturday, 29 October 2022
How to identify your true love? Read to know more
How to identify your true love? Read to know more

The relationships based on attraction may have a resemblance to love but certainly won’t carry the fundamental features such as sacrifice, loyalty, trust, and dedication.  

  • Thursday, 27 October 2022
Dating Tips
Going on first date... 5 things you must keep in mind or regret

As it is wisely said by Andrew Grant, a famous British writer, “You never get a second chance to make the first impression”. In short, the first impression of yours is the last as well.

  • Sunday, 23 October 2022
Dating in 30's
Dating in your 30s: Here are some tips

As actor Shriya Pilgaonkar says in Bumble's popular content series, Dating These Nights, "There's save the dates and due dates but there's also let's go on a date?" When you are dating in your 30s, you're more aware of yourself, you have a higher degree of self-love, you're more intentional about dating, and you're quite clear about what you are looking for in a partner.

  • Saturday, 17 September 2022