Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • Extra-marital affairs are looked down upon in every society in India.
  • Even then 20% of users on the extra-marital dating app Gleeden are from India.

India is rapidly evolving as a modern society with urbanites embracing the culture of dating, live-in relationships, and regular affairs and flings. But even then there is a general concept that post-marriage couples are loyal to each other or do not have any inclination to have an affair outside their marriage.

However, now, it seems even that concept is slowly crumbling to dust as the facts revealed through a dating app have indicated.

Married People in India are Slowly Turning Towards Dating!

Gleeden is a France-based extra-marital dating app. Naturally, those who join this app are interested in having some fling or affair outside their marriage. The app has 10 million users across the world and surprisingly, around 20% of those users are reportedly from India.

The company has said that most of the people in this category belong to an urban area and are from Tier 1 cities followed by Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. Shockingly, the thought process of most of the users on this app is that they do not want to disturb their marriage which is immensely fulfilling with a loyal partner and kids in another way.

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However, these people believe that there is more to life and only one partner cannot give you that all; hence, they are looking to secretly hook up with someone outside their marriage.

Not surprisingly, most of the Indian users on Gleeden are claimed to have come from affluent societies highly placed in corporate offices or with their own successful businesses. Most are engineers, counselors, administrators, officers, and successful entrepreneurs.

But the more shocking fact is that there are lots of housewives from India who also indulge in extra-marital dating through Gleeden. Men above 30 years and women above 26 years have been claimed to be actively involved in such types of dating in India.