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  • Dating a friend of your Ex can be a bit tricky.
  • Here are some dos and don'ts for the same!

Post-breakup, most lovers do not want to keep in touch with each other so that they can easily move on in their lives. However, when they are involved in a relationship they also are introduced to friends, family members, and sometimes even to the colleagues of their partners.

So, even though the relationship fizzles out after some time, the friends of your ex can still remain in contact or on good terms with you. What if you feel like dating a friend of your ex?

Here are certain dos and don’ts that you must know before taking the first step:

How Close was this Friend to your Ex?

If this friend of your ex that you want to date was very close to your ex, it is better to stir clear of any connection with her/him. There are strong chances that you may end up meeting your ex again frequently. Also since you know both of them and the friend is also aware of the equation between you two, there are strong chances that you may start comparing the two and things may not turn out as you had thought.

Check your Reason for Dating a Friend of your Ex

Before taking the call, try to find out exactly why you want to date that person. Is it because you are really attracted to him/her or do you still miss your ex and want to stay connected through the friend? If true feelings and attraction are the reason, you should go ahead and date. Otherwise, you should drop the idea altogether.

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Talk with your Ex

If you are serious about dating the friend of your ex, it is better that you speak about it to your ex. It is quite possible that the two of you do not have any connection but even then for old times’ sake you must inform your ex at least via text or a call.

Take Advice from a Common Friend

If you had a breakup in the near past and are now planning to date a friend of your ex, there is a possibility that you may not have the right perspective toward the entire thing. Discussing it with a third party, for example, a common friend who also knows your ex and the person you want to date can help you to look at it with a fresh approach.

Do it, If it feels Right

Despite all the ifs and buts, if you have a good gut feeling about dating the friend of your ex, go ahead with it because after all when it comes to love, you must always listen to what your heart says.