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  • Apologizing after a bitter fight can be embarrassing to some.
  • Here's how you can be honest about saying sorry to someone.

Situations and circumstances sometimes go out of hand and you say or do things that were never meant to happen. But once it’s done you can never undo it.

However, you can still repair the relationship by apologizing as early as possible and getting over the guilt of hurting someone.

Acknowledge Where You Went Wrong

Many times you just want to say sorry but are not aware of what exactly has hurt the other person. So after a fight, try to analyze things that went wrong, and acknowledge your mistakes first to yourself.

In this way, you will know specifically what to say when you are apologizing.

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What To Do if Afraid To Face the Other Person

It is quite natural that you do not want to face the person after a bitter fight with him. But if you know that you had made a mistake and should ask for forgiveness then it needs to be done.

How to say sorry if you are not courageous enough to face that other person? In such a situation a text message on a mobile phone or even a handwritten note sent through a common friend can do the trick.

Be Honest, Avoid Giving Reasons

Things happen and every action has a reason behind it. But if you want to say sorry from your heart then be honest and avoid giving reasons.

Just completely own the mistake. It will make your apology more genuine and the other person will gladly accept it.

Make A Promise

Just apologizing is not enough. Make sure that you also promise that the mistake will not be repeated.

Introduce A New Angle

If both of you meet after the fight to sort out the differences or apologize, there are chances that it will take some time to cement that bonding again. There will be a sort of awkwardness and trust issue.

To bring back the same faith in your friendship you can introduce a new angle like going on a short trip together, spending more time with each other, or binge-watching your favourite movies during the weekend.

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