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  • Dating a colleague at the workplace can prove disastrous for your career.
  • You must keep in mind certain things so that your career is not affected.

Forgetting practicality and logic is very much normal when you are in love. Rather, when you fall in love, you are ready to break all the popular norms and traditions.

Usually, corporate companies have a clause that colleagues should not date each other. But when love happens people tend to forget all those clauses and at times even jeopardize their jobs and careers.

Here are a few things that you must keep in mind while dating a colleague at the office:

Know about the company policies

More often when you sign on the dotted lines for a company's work contract you do not read every policy properly. Most of the top corporate companies discourage dating in offices.

Having an occasional chat, joking in between, or having fun is acceptable but love is serious and many companies have strict policies for such feelings.

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Are your feelings reciprocated?

The feelings must be mutual. Before telling your other colleagues how you feel about a particular person, you must first check whether your feelings are reciprocated or not.

Trying to give wrong signals or making passes even if the other person is not interested can lead to serious repercussions at your workplace.

Avoid public display

Once you both are in love and have shared your feelings with each other, you might feel like letting other people in your contact know about it as love gives you a new high.

However, you must always keep in mind that in the office you are expected to work and hence flirting or any type of public display of affection can prove disastrous for your image in the office. It may also affect your career growth.

Managing love and work

Being in the same office as your sweetheart surely gives you a lot of joy. But it also comes with some cons as he/she can prove as a distraction when you want to focus the most on your work.

Offices are meant for working on deadlines and handling pressure cooker-like situations and in such a stressful mood you can even burst out wrongly to your loved one. So, managing love and work in the office can be a tough task.

Never make your fight an office spectacle

More often things do not turn out as planned. Either the relationship turns sour or you may have a bitter fight on some issue. But in such circumstances fighting in front of your other colleagues and making a spectacle of it in the office can be the worst thing.

Instead, parting ways amicably and respectfully and giving dignity to your ex as a colleague is what is expected.

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