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  • Dating mistakes can create trouble in your love life.
  • Boys hence must definitely avoid these 10 dating mistakes.

It is just okay to do some dumb stuff when in love. But there are certain red flags that boys should not overlook or it could be their biggest dating mistake.

Not being prepared for a date

Girls expect their boyfriends to surprise them by bringing them to a nice spot for dating or by planning something unique. Being casual or unprepared can be a big mistake.

Overlooking subtle hints

Girls are very good at picking up things and nuances on slight hints and indications. As a boyfriend, you must be quite attentive while she speaks or you may overlook subtle hints that are quite important for your budding relationship.


Your date knows why she has chosen you as her boyfriend. But if you still continue to boast about yourself then this self-appreciation can get you in trouble.

Bringing a boring friend as a companion

If you are bringing a companion to date make sure that he is interesting and is on the same page as you and your companion age and intellect-wise or else it can be a big boring date.

Short of confidence? Fake it!

Young boys especially in their early dating periods lack confidence and many times cannot even speak what they feel. But it is always better to fake the confidence as a lack of it can turn off your date.

Going overboard with compliments

Girls love compliments but going overboard with them or exaggerated appreciation makes you come across as a fake person which certainly will bring down your image in her eyes.

Lying about yourself

It is normal to overplay a bit during your initial dating days. But lying a lot about your job, qualification, financial status, and other personal things repeatedly can create a massive problem for your relationship in the future.

Expecting sex almost always

That’s a huge turnoff especially if the girl is just acquainted with you. It is better to let the relationship progress step by step.

Being cheesy does not always work

You might be a smooth talker known for some best pickup lines but being cheesy does not always work. Make sure to tone down your approach based on the initial few reactions from the girl or you are bound to lose her very quickly.

Directly rude or being mean

Of course, there are certain things or habits about your girlfriend that you do not like. But saying them directly or being mean about it can eventually lead to a breakup.

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