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"Red flag” appears to be a common term these days. Our capacity to connect with others is crucial to how well our lives go. Our perception of belonging and love has an impact on our mental health. However, not all connections improve our quality of life. Certain relationships are unhealthy for us. Instead of improving it, they undermine our wellbeing. Some of them may even be toxic, therefore it's critical to spot the warning signs.

One of the reasons they are so deadly is that they are sometimes difficult to identify at first. They do, however, frequently develop and worsen over time. 

Here are a few Relationship Red Flags you should be Aware Of -

Excessive Controlling Mindset

This is a typical red flag that someone is trying to sway your decisions, behaviours, or views. Instead of what is best for them, they are more preoccupied with their desires. Compromise and tolerance for differences are essential components of a healthy partnership. 

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Lack of Trust

Trust serves as the cornerstone of each successful relationship. It is obvious that a relationship is unstable when partners, friends, coworkers, or family members mistrust you.

Physical, Emotional, or Mental Abuse

Abuse of the body, mind, or emotions should never be tolerated in a relationship. Abuse of the body is easier to learn. However, abuse of the mind and emotions over time can be just as destructive. 

Issues With Anger Management

If someone close to you has difficulty controlling their fury, confrontations may make you feel terrified or insecure. Emotional instability is a huge relationship red flag. Without being concerned for their safety, everyone should be free to discuss challenging subjects with a friend or partner. 

Lack of Communication

It goes without saying how crucial communication is in all relationships. Have a direct and productive conversation with your spouse if they act as if they aren't listening to you, don't respond to your texts or messages, or seem distracted or preoccupied.

Understanding warning flags in a relationship is essential. Before you can react to red flags, you must understand what they are and why they are harmful.

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